Adopted & Recent Plans

The Community Development team works collaboratively with the community to plan for growth, economic development, the arts, neighborhood vitality, and sustainability.

Below you will find our archive of adopted and recent plans.

Affordable Housing Strategy

With the cost of renting or owning housing in Bellevue rising faster than income for many in the region, housing is not affordable to a significant portion of the population. The Affordable Housing Strategy, adopted by the City Council on June 5, 2017, is Bellevue’s action plan to improve affordable housing opportunities across the city.

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Creative Edge

The City of Bellevue seeks to create a thriving creative sector and provide support for arts and culture, as well as the strategic partnerships and opportunities to integrate and embed individual artists, cultural organizations, and creative firms as fixtures in Bellevue’s economy and civic life. 

Creative Edge Bellevue explored how the arts, culture, and creative sectors contribute to Bellevue’s community and economy.

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Comprehensive Plan

Bellevue’s Comprehensive Plan is the city’s foundational policy document, guiding growth and development here for the next 20 years. The maps, goals and policies of the plan provide the basis for Bellevue's regulations, programs and services. Comprehensive Plan Story Map 

The City Council adopted the current Comprehensive Plan on Aug. 3, 2015 (agenda memo), dedicating it to Nan Campbell, former Bellevue mayor. The plan was updated following two years of public outreach.

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Diversity Advantage

In 2014, the City Council adopted a Vision Statement. The first two sentences of that statement are, “Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength.” To successfully welcome the world and use our diversity as a strength, the community must make commitments to cultural competence. The Diversity Advantage is the city of Bellevue's diversity plan.

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Downtown Livability

In 1981, Bellevue adopted its first downtown land use code. In the time since, downtown has evolved and grown into a truly live-work urban center, with more than 14,000 residents living and 60,000 employees working downtown. 

But the land use code, which guides the development of features like parking, public plazas, and building size and scale, has not kept pace with the types of amenities and features that these new residents and workers demand. Downtown Livability is the most significant revamp of the land use code in more than 30 years.

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Eastgate Transportation & Land Use Plan

The purpose of the Eastgate/I-90 project is to enhance the corridor and create an attractive employment area that also provides neighborhood services and serves as a vibrant and significant contributor to Bellevue's economic health in the coming decades. City Council concluded its work on the Eastgate Land Use Code amendments on August 7, 2017.

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Economic Development Strategy

The City established this Economic Development Plan to guide its proactive efforts to strengthen and diversify the Bellevue economy for the good of existing and future residents and businesses. Success in the City’s strategic thinking, hard work, and investment will contribute to achieving our vision for the community.

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Environmental Stewardship Plan

The Environmental Stewardship Strategic Plan was adopted in 2013 and includes 57 strategies for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and waste, increasing mobility options, energy efficiency and water conservation, and enhancing our ecosystems and open spaces.

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Parks and Community Services Plans

About every six years, Bellevue updates its Parks & Open Space System Plan.  The City Council adopted the current plan in early 2016. 

The Parks & Open Space System Plan contains the community's long-range vision for acquisition and development of parks and trails and preservation of open space. It also sets the standards whereby the park, trail and open space system is operated and maintained over time.

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Transportation Plans

The Transportation Facilities Plan is the city’s 12-year, intermediate-range, transportation planning document. It includes high-priority projects from long-range plans (such as the Downtown Transportation Plan Update, the Transit Master Plan and the Ped-Bike Plan) and projects that address emerging needs and opportunities.

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Utilities Plans

Explore Bellevue Utilities comprehensive plans and reports – developed for the utility systems we manage. They are intended for residents, business owners, city staff, developers and other interested parties. These plans also evaluate our management of these systems, provide direction for future planning, and help us meet federal, state and regional regulations. They include the following: 

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