Actions to Date

In June 2017, Bellevue's City Council adopted an Affordable Housing Strategy. It followed up in August 2017 with a detailed implementation program designed to quickly address necessary policy changes and updates. In total, the Affordable Housing Strategy includes 21 actions as part of a two-phase work program.

Actions Underway or Completed

Preservation of Existing Affordable Housing

Action A-1: Preserve existing affordable housing.

Work will remain ongoing with partners like A Regional Coalition for Housing and King County Housing Authority.

Surplus Property

Action C-1: Increase development potential on suitable land owned by public, non-profit housing, and faith based entities for affordable housing.

An initial conversation was held at the February 12, 2018 City Council meeting. Additional conversations and updates will follow.

Housing near Transit

Action C-2: Develop affordable housing on suitable surplus lands in proximity to transit hubs.

Steps toward additional affordable housing near transit are currently underway in partnership with Sound Transit and other agency partners.
  • Sound Transit's Operations and Maintenance Facility - East (OMFE) project is now underway, and will include affordable transit-oriented development.
  • Bel-Red/130th Station transit-oriented development parcels are currently in review. More information on a formal RFP process will be available in Q1 2019.

Multifamily Tax Exemption

Action C-3: Update existing tax exemption programs for affordable housing to increase participation by developers of new housing.

An update to Bellevue's multifamily tax exemption (MFTE) program was adopted by City Council on February 5, 2018. The amended program will better provide new affordable housing for current and future Bellevue residents. 

Density Incentives

Action C-4: Provide voluntary density incentives in exchange for providing affordable housing.

Newly-adopted land use code for downtown and Eastgate include provision for substantial additional affordable housing development. Ongoing planning projects along East Main and in the Wilburton area are expected to include similar density incentives.  

Regional Housing Efforts

Bellevue continues to participate in major regional efforts to address affordable housing and homelessness. 


Janet LewineProgram Lead



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