Activate BelRed

Please note that the Activate BelRed initiative is currently on hold.

BelRed is in the midst of a transformation from a predominantly light industrial district to a collection of vibrant, transit-oriented urban villages. The Spring District began construction in 2015, the Global Innovation Exchange opened in fall 2017 and we are excited to welcome REI's corporate headquarters to BelRed in 2020. The city and its agency partners are also making major infrastructure investments, including new arterial streets and light rail set to open in 2023.

At the same time, planning efforts across the city have identified major needs for new gathering spaces, events, public art and amenities. With all of this in mind, we have launched the Activate BelRed survey. The survey will be open starting in May 2018.

Survey Details and Events

The Activate BelRed survey explores the types of programs, events and installations that can be brought to BelRed. Everyone is welcome to respond, but residents and employees at companies in or near the BelRed area are particularly encouraged to participate. Final results will be shared with the public after the survey closes.

Take the Survey

Share your thoughts by completing the Activate BelRed survey.


Activate BelRed is currently on hold, but you can take the survey here.


Jesse Canedo
Project Lead


(425) 452-5236

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