Demographic Data

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Here you will find information about Bellevue’s population today, how it has changed over the decades, and how Bellevue compares to other jurisdictions. The City Demographic Profile provides an overview all of Bellevue’s population characteristics.

Population Trends provides you with detail about how much the city has grown since incorporation, and the amount of growth projected in the future. On the Cultural Diversity page, you will learn about some of the drivers of Bellevue’s growing racial/ethnic diversity. On the Age Diversity page you will learn how Bellevue’s population has gone from being youth heavy to one whose age distribution is more evenly spread between different age cohorts as the city itself has aged over time.

Explore links between educational attainment, occupations, earnings and household income on the Education and Prosperity page. Learn about the different types of households living in Bellevue and the varied housing structures they live in on the Households and Housing page.

Summary Trends provides “at a glance” statistics on Bellevue’s demographic trends.