• Who Will Assist You with Your Conflict?

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    Staff and volunteers bring years of experience from diverse fields and extensive conflict-resolution training to serve you.

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    Marcia McReynolds

    Marcia manages the Conflict Resolution Center. Her background is in neighborhood, schools and family, parent-teen and restorative justice. She is also a professional educator, having taught in secondary schools and community college. She moved here from Vancouver, Washington in 2015. She has lived and travelled all over the world. Her other hobbies are improvisational theater and singing.

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    Natalie Daniels

    Natalie began her mediation training in 2006 while attending law school at Seattle University. She completed her training through the King County Dispute Resolution Center. Natalie was a volunteer with the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center from 2009 to 2013, when she joined the staff on a part-time basis.

    Santiago Naranjo

    Santiago A. Naranjo

    Santiago started off as a volunteer conflict coach and conciliator with the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center in 2017, and now works part time as a mediator, trainer and administrative assistant. Santiago's focus is on rental negotiation in landlord-tenant cases through the Eviction Resolution Program. Santiago is a graduate of New Mexico State University with a master's degree in English and Foreign Languages, and resides in Bellevue. He has studied in Spain and China, and loves experimenting with culinary dishes from around the world.

    Jill Sulzberg

    Jill Sulzberg

    Jill first volunteered with the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center in 2008 after completing conciliation and mediation training. Following some time off, Jill returned to the CRC in 2016, and has now joined the team as a mediator, conciliator, facilitator and part-time staff member. A New York native, Jill went to college and law school in Chicago and lived in west Texas before settling in Bellevue with her family. Outside the office, Jill enjoys running in the woods with her husband and her dog, sea kayaking, gardening and reading fiction.

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    Volunteers are vital to the success of BCRC. With their help, people in the community find peaceful resolution. The volunteers gain something too, recognizing that giving back to the community by helping to resolve conflict is richly rewarding. Our diverse team of volunteers represent all walks of life experience and learn a tremendous amount about conflict and negotiation skills that have practical application in both personal and work life.

    If you wish to volunteer for our program, please fill out the application form.