Facility Services

The Facility Services Division maintains over 600,000 square feet of office and specialty use space encompassing major city facilities such as City Hall, the Bellevue Service Center and nine Fire Stations. We also provide planning and management services for renovations, tenant improvements, capital construction and resource conservation projects.

image of city hall exterior
  • Maintenance & Operations: Facility Services employs a group of in-house mechanics, specialists and outside contractors charged with the maintenance and repair tasks for major city facilities.
  • Planning & Project Management: Facility Services employs a staff of project managers who plan, coordinate, and manage projects at major city facilities. Project types include major maintenance, tenant improvements and capital improvements.
  • Resource Conservation: Facility Services hosts the city's resource conservation program, focused on finding ways to save the city money on utility bills and reduce energy and water use, as well as cut down on solid waste. Reducing energy use also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from city activities. The resource conservation program is part of Bellevue's Environmental Stewardship Initiative.
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