Progress Update

The City of Bellevue is committed to providing regular updates on the progress of the Diversity Advantage Initiative.   The Initiative provides 60 recommended actions for the City and the community to fulfill in order to meet the following commitments:

To keep growing as a culturally competent organization, the City of Bellevue will:

  • Enact and uphold equitable policies and practices
  • Train and hire culturally competent staff
  • Provide programs that are responsive and accessible to all    


To keep growing as a culturally competent city, the Bellevue community must:

  • Provide safe and welcoming living and working environments
  • Collectively correct systemic inequities
  • Respectfully engage cross-culturally in community life
  • Express diversity through arts and culture. 


To keep growing as a culturally competent economy, the Bellevue community must:

  • Attract a diverse workforce to live here and work in local businesses
  • Empower entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to start and grow businesses
  • Provide community services that facilitate and support small business growth
  • Make available culturally-specific goods and services sought by diverse cultures.

To learn more about the progress being made on this initiative:
Diversity Advantage Update Council Memo 2016.pdf
Diversity Council Update Presentation 2016.pdf
Council Update Meeting Minutes 111416.pdf
Diversity Advantage Plan Progress Report (2015-2017)

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