Guiding Principles

It is important to define the principles that guide and inform this work. For the City of Bellevue, these guiding principles include: access, equity, inclusion, opportunity and understanding cultural competency.

The plan is intended to enrich the quality of life for all through:


Build an environment that values the abilities of all, by proactively removing barriers and providing accommodations for full participation.


Create a fair and just community where equality is the outcome by recognizing and correcting historic and systemic inequity.


Foster a welcoming city, by providing a safe and gracious space where the entire community can engage in civic life.


Share prosperity by connecting residents, schools, businesses, faith and nonprofits to work together for the common good.

Understanding Cultural Competency:

Produce equitable policies and practices, by developing skills and knowledge that facilitate effective interactions across diverse cultures.

and always Why:

“Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength. We embrace the future while respecting our past.” -- Council Vision 2014

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