• Regional Leadership and Influence

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    Bellevue will lead, catalyze and partner with our neighbors throughout the region. We are at the center of the lakeside crescent formed by the cities of Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah and Renton. The lakeside crescent is made up of distinct cities that share common goals. Regional Leadership Performance

    Transportation, land use and a common agenda are at the heart of our success. The Eastside represents a major political, economic, cultural and educational force in the region. Bellevue and Seattle collaborate, partner and celebrate the benefits of working together as one region.

    The city communicates with the State Legislature each year about issues important to Bellevue. 2021 legislative agenda

    Three-Year (2018-20) Priorities

    17. Be an active regional partner, whether it is with cities east of the lake, Seattle and King County, schools and special purpose districts, or the state and federal government. Strategically pursue public and/or private funding and partnerships where beneficial to Bellevue and the region. Establish a partnership with the Port of Seattle on our mutual areas of interest including attraction of international business and tourism.