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The City Council on December 1, 2014 approved the 2015-2016 operating budget and the 2015-2021 Capital Investment Plan (CIP) budget (news release). The budgets will be available in early May.

Bellevue’s budget is produced every two years and includes a seven-year capital budget. The budget serves as a major policy document and describes how the city intends to finance its services and infrastructure. The city government is responsible for building and repairing roads, providing police and fire protection, as well as maintaining parks, open space and recreational centers, which help contribute to the high quality of life Bellevue residents enjoy.

Citizen input, through the Performance Survey and Budget Survey guide the development of Bellevue's budgets. The Finance Department also produces financial reports and performance reports.

Budget Proposals
Summaries of operating and CIP proposals submitted for each budget outcome can be found below.

Economic Growth and Competitiveness
Healthy and Sustainable Environment
Improved Mobility
Innovative, Vibrant and Caring Community
Quality Neighborhoods
Responsive Government
Safe Community

Debt Services

The City manager presented his recommended preliminary budget for 2015-2016 Operating Budget and the 2015-2021 Capital Investment Program Budget on October 27, 2014. Below are links to the preliminary two-year budget, Capital Investment Program Plan, and other budget documents.

2015-2016 Budget (complete document)

  1. Transmittal Letter
  2. Executive Summary & Spotlight on CIP Enhancement

2a. Executive Summary

2b. Spotlight on CIP Enhancement

  1. Council Priorities
  2. Reader’s Guide & Glossary

4a. Process Overview & Reader’s Guide

  1. Stakeholder Summary
  2. Forecast

6a. Economic Outlook

6b. General Fund Forecast

6c. Development Services Fund

6d. Parks Enterprise Fund

6e. Utilities Fund

  1. Resource and Expenditure Summaries

7a. Resource Summary

7b. Expenditure Summary

  1. Proposed Operating Budget by Outcome

8a. Economic Growth & Competitiveness

8b. Healthy & Sustainable Environment

8c. Improved Mobility

8d. Innovative, Vibrant & Caring Community

8e. Quality Neighborhoods

8f. Responsive Government

8g. Safe Community

  1. Preliminary CIP

9a. General CIP Preliminary Budget

9b. General CIP Guiding Principles

9c. General CIP 7-year Plan

9d. General CIP Waterfall

9e. General CIP Project Specific Revenues

9f. Parks Levy Update

9g. Reprint of “Beyond the Status Quo” from October 6

9h. General CIP Executive Summaries by Outcome

9i. Utilities CIP Executive Summaries by Outcome

  1. Department Information

10a. City Attorney’s Office

10b. City Clerk’s Office

10c. City Council

10d. City Manager’s Office

10e. Civic Services

10f. Community Council

10g. Development Services

10h. Finance

10i. Fire

10j. Human Resources

10k. Information Technology

10l. Miscellaneous Non-Departmental

10m. Parks & Community Services

10n. Planning & Community Development

10o. Police

10p. Transportation

10q. Utilities

  1. Appendix

11a. Comprehensive Finance Management Policies

11b. Biennial Budgets RCW 35A.34

11c. Investment & Debt Policies

11d. Utilities Financial Policies

11e. Past Budget Ordinances

11f. Summary of FTEs

Past Budget Documents

2013-2014 Budget (includes 2013-2019 CIP)
2013-2014 Budget Detail

2011-2012 Budget
2011-2012 Budget Detail
2011-2017 CIP

2009-2010 Budget
2009-2010 Budget Detail
2009-2015 CIP

2007-2008 Budget
2007-2008 Budget Detail
2007-2013 CIP

2005-2006 Budget
2005-2006 Budget Detail
2005-2011 CIP

Note: The financial documents linked from this page are limited in scope, and do not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy city bonds or notes. Each document in this section is dated and speaks only as of that date. The city does not undertake to update, and expressly disclaims any duty to update any document.

The documents in this section make forward-looking statements, using words such as “may,” “will,” “should,” “expects,” “believes,” “anticipates” and “estimates." A variety of risks and uncertainties – such as general economic and business conditions, receipt of grants and various other factors beyond the city's control – could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.

By clicking on a link below you acknowledge that the documents are limited in scope, are not an offer to sell, are each dated as of a certain date and have not been updated since that date. As a result, the documents may not contain all material information and may contain material misstatements or omissions because of the passage of time or the occurrence of subsequent events.

Contact Information

Finance Department
450 110th Ave NE
PO Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone: 425-452-7114
E-mail: rcsiegel@bellevuewa.gov

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