130th Avenue Northeast/Goff Creek Station Area Planning

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The vision for a new neighborhood at 130th Avenue Northeast.

To facilitate the growth of a vibrant neighborhood around the planned light-rail station at 130th Avenue Northeast in the Bel-Red area, the city drafted a station area plan report that provides assistance redevelopment and the implementation of stream restoration, new parks, and transportation facilities.

Map of 130th station area

130th Station Area Plan Report – March 2012

Key issues addressed in the 130th Avenue Northeast Station Area Plan Report include:

  • Redevelopment opportunities and phasing
  • Affordable housing catalyst opportunities
  • Park-and-ride lot alternatives
  • Park and open space concepts 
  • Goff Creek improvements and other environmental enhancements
  • Neighborhood pedestrian and bicycle connections to the station
  • Land use and transportation impacts on vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Bicycle access

June 28 and 30 Neighborhood Open Houses display boards.

What is station area planning? Station area planning focuses on a walkable area around planned light rail stations. It is considered a “best practice” to do before final station design, which is anticipated to occur in 2012 for the 130th Avenue NE station. While station area planning is distinct from the Sound Transit work on station design, engineering and alignment, it will help influence how the station is integrated with the surrounding area.  In the case of the 130th Avenue NE station, it helps identify strategies to develop new parks and open space, restore Goff Creek, improve access to the station, and facilitate a transition to new development.

The report is a resource that can be used by developers and help guide public and private investments in the area.

Participation by property owners, businesses, surrounding neighborhoods, and the Planning Commission and Transportation Commission was an important part of developing the report. The city met and continues to meet regularly with property owners who are most directly affected by light rail and planning for the 130th Avenue Northeast station area. If you have comments, questions or suggestions for the area of the planned 130th Avenue Northeast station, please let us know.

During the station area planning process, the following framework questions were used to help shape and inform the report:

In 2009, the City Council adopted policies and regulations intended to transform the Bel-Red area from a light industrial and auto-oriented commercial corridor to a series of vibrant, mixed-use, livable neighborhoods supported by light-rail transit. Sound Transit is planning to build and operate light rail through the Bel-Red area, between downtown Bellevue and the Overlake Transit Center in Redmond, with stations at 120th and 130th avenues. Planners on this project will consider ways to implement elements of the Bel-Red plan and identify how to best capitalize on the opportunity of the new light rail station.


This project is funded in part by funds made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This funding was awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy through the Energy Policy Division of the Washington State Department of Commerce under Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant No.DE-EE0000849.

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