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Woodridge NEP ballots prioritizing the eligible projects competing for NEP funds have been received.  The voting is now complete, and the results have been determined.  Four projects will be undertaken and are shown below.  The total estimated cost for these projects is $164,000. This total is $4,000 over the allocation for the area. However for the reasons noted below, we determined that it makes sense to do this. Not doing this would leave $21,000 of funds already appropriated unspent.

The top three projects can clearly be funded. The 4th through 7th projects on the priority list cannot be included because their estimated costs are too high. However, including the 8th priority project as a funded project results in relatively minor additional costs. Also, this 8th priority project relates to the Woodridge Open Space overlook. There were two alternative projects at that location; WR-5 and WR-6. Both projects combined received almost as many points as the top priority project indicating a strong desire to have something done at that location. WR-5 is too expensive, but WR-6 is less costly and can be funded.

Now is the time to wrap up this phase of Neighborhood Enhancement and move into the next phase -- implementation of the projects you and your neighbors have selected.  Once again, we invite you to play an active role: contact the project manager to provide input; track the status of these and other projects on the City's web site; and see the results of the finished projects.

If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, including questions about the results of the voting, please contact Ying Carlson, Coordinator of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (contact information at right). Questions specific to the projects are best directed to the project manager for the project.  E-mail links to the project managers are included with the project descriptions.


The following projects have received funding, via your votes, for implementation over the next three years. The italicized type shows the ballot number and the number of points the project received in the voting.

WR-09-A Woodridge Trail Expansion (Ballot No. WR-4, 485 pts.)
This project will construct additions to the nature trail system in Woodridge Open Space. The new trails will create expanded passive recreation opportunities within the park creating additional connections and loop trails. The project will utilize the Parks Department Well KEPT program to create job skills and career development opportunities for Bellevue youth. The Parks Department will contribute additional funds towards the project to ensure a connection is made to the existing system.
Estimated cost: $50,000.Project Manager: Geoff Bradley, (425) 452-2740, gbradley@bellevuewa.gov

(COMPLETE) WR-09-B Sidewalk on 123rd Ave. SE, SE 14th St. to Trailhead (Ballot No. WR-7, 253 pts.)
This project will install 5-ft wide sidewalk, curb, and gutter on the east side of 123rd Ave. SE, from SE 14th St. northward to existing trail entrance, along the Woodridge Swim Club frontage.
Project Manager: Estimated cost: $75,000. Vangie Garcia, (425) 452-6103, vgarcia@bellevuewa.gov

(COMPLETE) WR-09-C Streetlights on 123rd Pl. SE, east of 123rd Ave. SE (Ballot No. WR-10, 242 pts.)
This project will install two new streetlights and poles on the north side of 123rd Pl. SE, east of 123rd Ave. SE, along the vicinity of Norwood Village Park. This includes any trenching required.
Estimated cost: $14,000. Project Manager: Kam Szabo, (425) 452-4346, kszabo@bellevuewa.gov

(COMPLETE) WR-09-D Woodridge Open Space - Viewing Area Debris Removal, Native Plant Restoration (Ballot No. WR-6, 139 pts.)
This project will create a viewing area north of the Woodridge Swim Club parking lot. Debris, blackberry and other invasive plant species will be removed and replaced with native plantings. The viewing area will be improved with gravel, mulch and a bench. No trail connections will be made to the Woodridge Open Space trail system with this project.
Estimated cost: $25,000. Project Manager: Brian Krause, (425) 452-6992, bjkrause@bellevuewa.gov

Unfunded Small Capital Projects:

The following projects will not be implemented in this cycle of NEP funding.

Points  Project Title                                      Ballot No.
240      Woodridge Open Space Overlook      WR-5
229       Sidewalk on 126th Ave SE                 WR-8
227       Landscaping, SE 8th St./I-405            WR-1
226       Landscaping, 121st Ave SE                WR-3
127      Streetlight on SE 17th St.                     WR-9
71        Landscaping, Lk. Hills Connector         WR-2

Contact Information

Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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