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West Lake Hills

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October 2011

In the last Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) cycle, you identified projects that are important to your neighborhood, and you voted to select the highest priorities for NEP funding. Many of these projects are now completed and serving your community. Only one project – Restrooms near Children’s Play Area in Robinswood Park – has remained on hold due to the extraordinarily high cost of ongoing maintenance. After much discussion with staff and residents, the city has decided not to build more public restrooms under today’s budget constraints.

Instead, the city’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program will fund the community’s next highest priority, based on your votes: the Lake Hills Boulevard Landscaping Project.

Many trees are in a state of decline with infectious diseases along the western part of Lake Hills Boule-vard. This project will remove all the hazard trees and further enhance the appearance and livability of the neighborhood by renovating the western half (143rd Avenue SE to 148th Avenue SE) of Lake Hills Boulevard. Landscape beds will be re-constructed and the irrigation system will be updated. New plant-ings will also be selected and installed.

The total cost of the Lake Hills Boulevard Landscaping project is $116,000. This will be a reduction from the Robinswood Park restroom cost of $150,000. Also, Lake Hills Boulevard is already on the city’s maintenance plan, so there will be no additional maintenance funds associated with this project. In contrast, the Robinswood restrooms would have cost taxpayers about $1,200 monthly in routine maintenance. We consider the boulevard project a reasonable alternative and a sensible investment for the city and the community. There are already two restrooms facilities in place at Robinswood Park and there is one not far from the children’s play area. We will provide better signage and directions to help visitors locate these facilities.

We recognize this outcome is different from what the community expected, and we welcome your questions and suggestions. We look forward to working with you on important community projects for many years to come.

Please review plant selections and project simulations for details! Contact the Project Manager Melissa Brown 425-452-4100 MLBrownor@bellevuewa.gov  or Ying Carlson, the NEP Coordinator ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov 425-452-4342 if you have any questions or comments about the project or the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.





December 2008

In October/November, residents of the West Lake Hills Neighborhood Enhancement Area were invited to return ballots with their votes for their top three priority projects from a list of  fourteen proposed projects.  947 residents returned ballots.  Residents were asked to vote for three projects.  Each first priority vote received three points, each second priority vote received two points, and each third priority vote received one point.  The total points that each project received determined the relative priorities overall. 

The results of that vote are shown below. Based on the $400,000 allocation, three of the projects will be funded. They are shown under the heading "Funded Projects". Eleven projects will not be funded. They are shown below as "Unfunded Projects". The original ballot number and the number of vote points each project received are shown in parentheses following the project title. The total estimated cost of the three projects is $395,000 -- $5,000 under the available funds. Since no other projects can be funded without exceeding the allocation by a significant amount, the savings will be added to the allocation for the area three years from now.

Residents who submitted votes will soon be receiving an action plan announcing the results of the vote.

Now it's time to wrap up this phase of Neighborhood Enhancement in West Lake Hills and move into the next phase -- implementation of the projects that were selected. Once again, we invite you to play an active role by contacting the project managers to provide input, tracking the status of these and other projects on the city's website, or just coming out to enjoy the projects!

If you have any questions, you can contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), or if you have questions concerning specific projects, you can also contact the designated project manager included with the description and cost estimate for the project.

Please note that all cost estimates are prepared based on limited information.  Projects are not designed unless/until they are chosen for funding by residents.  Every effort is made to contain costs and build the most cost-effective project, yet it is possible the actual cost could vary  from the initial estimate. 


The following projects have received funding, via your votes, for implementation over the next three years. The italicized type shows the ballot number and the number of points the project received in the voting.

WH-08-B Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm Enhancement (Ballot No. WH-3, 919 pts.)
This project will create a capital improvement plan to prioritize and implement enhancements to help preserve the character and community benefits of the historic Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm. Surrounding land uses have altered drainage patterns, negatively affected existing varieties, and dictated a new approach to farm management. Enhancements could include updating the antiquated drainage systems, capital pruning to help rejuvenate plants, replacement of outdated varieties with more tolerant plants, and additional signage and fencing to better delineate the farm.
Estimated Cost: $95,000.
Project Manager: Geoff Bradley, gbradley@bellevuewa.gov, 425-452-2740

(COMPLETE) WH-08-C Sidewalk on SE 24th Street (Ballot No. WH-7, 529 pts.)
This project will install a five-foot concrete sidewalk, 18-inch curb and gutter on the north side of SE 24th Street from 137th Place SE/139th Avenue SE east to Kamber Road. The curb line will remain the same. A short rockery wall may be required.
Estimated Cost: $150,000.
Project Manager: Vangie Parico, vparico@bellevuewa.gov, 425-452-6103

WH-08-D Landscape Enhancements to Lake Hills Blvd., 143rd Ave SE to 148th Ave. SE   (Ballot No. WH-5 473 pts.)This project replaced the Restrooms near Children’s Play Area in Robinswood Park Project. It will renovate the western half (143rd to 148th) of Lake Hills Blvd. The existing birch trees within this area are in a state of decline and would be removed. Landscape beds would be reconstructed and an irrigation system would be updated. New plantings would be selected and installed. Estimated Cost: $116,000.
Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov 425-452-7924



The following projects did not receive sufficient votes to be implemented in this cycle of NEP funding.  The projects are list in the order of the vote-points the projects received, and include the ballot number, the project title and the points each project reveived.

WH-14        Lake Hills Greenbelt Enhancements       392 Points

WH-6          Village on Main Trail Improvements      373 Points

WH-9          Drinking Fountain for Dogs                   308 Points

WH-1          148th Ave Landscaping                        262 Points

WH-13        Main Street Enhancements                   225 Points

 WH-2         46th St. Sidewalk                               213 Points

WH-8          Lake Hills Greenbelt Signs                   202 Points

WH-4          Larsen Lake Entrance Enhancements   157 Points

WH-12        149th Pl Sidewalk                               126 Points

WH-10        Traffic Circle Enhancements                  57 Points

Contact Information

Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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