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West Bellevue

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West Bellevue NEP ballots prioritizing the eligible projects competing for NEP funds have been received.  The voting is now complete, and the results have been determined.  Seven projects will be undertaken and are shown below.  The total estimated cost for these projects is $358,700. Since the allocation for West Bellevue for this NEP cycle is $390,000, this leaves $1,300 of the allocation unspent.  This amount, or any actual savings from the projects, will be added to the allocation for 2012.   Details on the selected projects, with complete voting results, are shown below. 

The seventh priority project, WB-09-G, is a sidewalk on 100th Ave SE.  That project is estimated to cost $60,000.  Including that project at the full cost would have resulted in expenditures over the $390,000 allocation.  However, the Transportation Department was able to locate supplemental funds in order to reduce the Neighborhood Enhancement Program's cost.  NEP will fund $30,000 of the project's cost with $30,000 with the remaining funds coming from the Pedestrian Access Fund.

Now is the time to wrap up this phase of Neighborhood Enhancement and move into the next phase -- implementation of the projects you and your neighbors have selected.  Once again, we invite you to play an active role: contact the project manager to provide input; track the status of these and other projects on the City's web site; and see the results of the finished projects.

If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, including questions about the results of the voting, please contact Ying Carlson, Coordinator of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (contact information at right). Questions specific to the projects are best directed to the project manager for the project.  E-mail links to the project managers are included with the project descriptions.

FUNDED PROJECTS - The following projects were selected by your vote and have been funded for completion within the next three years.  Ballot numbers and points received are shown in italics.  The points for each project are determined by assigning three points for each first priority vote, two points for each second priority vote and one point for each third priority vote.  The points for all votes for each project are totaled.

(COMPLETE) WB-09-A New Walkway from NE 1st St. into Bellevue Downtown Park (Ballot No. WB-7, 697 pts.)
This project will install an asphalt walkway from NE 1st St. to the existing walkway in Bellevue Downtown Park just east of the parking lot at the south end of the park. The walkway will provide improved access into the park from NE 1st St. and will include landscaping at the location where the new pathway intersects the sidewalk on NE 1st St.
Estimated Cost: $7,300. Project Manager: Rick Bailey, (425) 452-6031, mailto: rbailey@bellevuewa.gov

WB-09-B Enatai Beach Park Playground Equipment and Others (Ballot No. WB-10, 463 pts.)
This project will install new playground equipment, construct walkways and pavement improvements, and provide additional landscaping in the open area of Enatai Beach Park.
Estimated Cost: 150,000.  Project Manager: Brian Krause, (425) 452-6992, mailto: bjkrause@bellevuewa.gov

WB-09-C Enatai Neighborhood Entry Treatment (Ballot No. WB-9, 383 pts.)
This project will design and construct an entry treatment that will help to enhance the identity of the Enatai neighborhood. This could include improvements such as a monument sign, appropriate landscaping and artistic elements. The location and design will be determined through public input. Examples of similar projects in the city include those at Bridle Trails, Surrey Downs and Wilburton. The project may need to be coordinated with the 108th Ave. SE Walkway/Bikeway project currently in design.
Estimated Cost: 35,000. Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, (425) 452-7924, mailto: tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov

WB-09-D Ivy and Blackberry Removal in Chism Park (Ballot No. WB-1, 381 pts.) This project will remove the invasive vegetation from within the entire 8.8-acre Chism Park Open Space. This project will only include removal of blackberries, ivy, holly, scotchbroom, and other invasive plants but will not include new plantings. However, if this project is selected, an attempt will be made to locate other funds to further restore the forest by planting native trees and shrubs throughout the park, pruning trees and vegetation adjacent to the entry road, and enhancing the general appearance of the park entrance.
Estimated Cost: $126,000. Project Manager: Jim Bennett, (425) 452-4321, mailto: jnbennett@bellevuewa.gov

(COMPLETE) WB-09-E Enhancements to Killarney Glen Park and Chism Beach Park (Ballot No. WB-19, 355 pts.)
This project will replace timber stairs with a new user friendly hand rail in Killarney Glen Park, install landscape improvements at the trail head on SE 16th St. to Killarney Glen Park, install garbage cans and pet waste bag dispensers at locations in both Killarney Glen and Chism Beach Parks, and provide landscape improvements at a trailhead into Chism Beach Park.
Estimated Cost: $25,400. Project Manager: Kevin Husemann, (425) 452-4154, mailto: khusemann@bellevuewa.gov.

(COMPLETE) WB-09-F Median Streetlights, SE 2nd St./108th Ave. SE & SE 4th St./112th Ave. SE (Ballot No. WB-17, 335 pts.) This project will install a new streetlight within the existing medians at the intersections of SE 2nd St/108th Ave. SE and SE 4th St./112th Ave. SE. These will be post-top mounted lights used to highlight the entry medians.
Estimated Cost: $15,000. Project Manager: Kam Szabo, (425) 452-4346, mailto:kszabo@bellevuewa.govWB-09-G

(COMPLETE) WB-09-G Sidewalk on 100th Ave. SE, south of SE 5th St. (Ballot No. WB-2, 331 pts.)
This project would install the missing section of 5-ft wide sidewalk, curb, and gutter on the west side of 100th Ave. SE, just south of SE 5th St. Estimated Cost: $60,000 ($30,000 to be funded by Neighborhood Enhancement Funds, remainder to be funded from the Pedestrian Access Fund (PW-WB-56).) Project Manager: Vangie Garcia, (425) 452-6103, mailto: vgarcia@bellevuewa.gov

UNFUNDED PROJECTS - The following projects could not be funded within the $390,000 allocation available for the area in this cycle.  The projects are shown in the order of the points they received.  These projects can be requested again in the next West Bellevue NEP cycle in 2012.

Points    Ballot No. / Project Title
272        WB-20 Sidewalk on 110th Ave SE
240        WB-4   Pedestrian Improvements on 105th Ave SE/Wolverine  
235        WB-5   Enatai Park Pedestrian Bridge                                      
183        WB-15 Surrey Downs Playground Equip                                  
163        WB-3   Killarney Glen Tennis Backstop                                    
146        WB-8   SE 34th St. Improvements                                            
136        WB-12 Bellecrest N’borhood Entry                                           
134        WB-13 Surrey Downs Park Entry Landscaping                         
129        WB-11 SE 30th St./106th Ave SE Pedestrian Improvements     
127        WB-18 Sidewalk on 112th Ave SE                                           
123        WB-14 Landscaping on 108th Ave SE
  74        WB-16 New benches in Surrey Downs Park                              

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