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News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 29, 2010

City volunteers win service award

Volunteers are key to making the Bellevue Botanical Garden one of the city's highlight destinations. Udell Fresk, Ruth Edwards and Joanne White are being honored this year for logging more than 4,000 hours of free labor in 2009.

All three will receive the prestigious President's Call to Service Award from the city. Fresk has spent more than 6,000 hours weeding, pruning and planting at the Garden. Edwards put in 4,400 hours and White put in a little over 4,000 hours.

Bellevue has a long history of volunteer service; more than 5,000 volunteers perform services for the city each year. This is the second year the city will present President's Volunteer Service Awards (in addition to the three Call to Service awards) to top volunteers -- 50 individuals and one business that logged hours in 2009 for a variety of programs.

The volunteers will be honored at a private reception on Tuesday at City Hall.

Zach Fortenbaugh put in almost 300 hours for the Parks and Community Services Department's Natural Resources division. Michael Ryan logged more than 400 hours serving as chaplain for emergency services.

Michaela Paeth and Ishani Deo served over 400 hours at Kelsey Creek Farm. Honorees from Mediation, who logged more than 100 hours last year helping residents resolve conflicts, include Josh Sundt and Catherine Zimmerman. Victor Hsaio put in 100 hours for the Bellevue Aquatic Center.

Sharon Graham, Dallas Graham, Annie Tyvand, Marge Peacock, Nancy Daar and Jackie Foushee all put in more than 400 hours for the Botanical Garden. Other honorees for service to the garden are: Lena Wegner, Candice McIvor, Joella (Jody) Yoder, Debbie Vaught, Carolyn Ward, Norm Hansen, Diane Buck, Barbara Hall, Freddy Bovard, Michael-Marie Haunreiter, Donna Pratt, Michele Cournoyer, Anne Chin, Bernice Velategui, (Catherine) Anne Davis, Elizabeth (Betti) Johnson, Jan Lyon, Jean Nibbe, Carol Scheuffele, Kathy Calvert, Leila Martin, Gayle Richardson, Sylvia Cameron, Judy Sanderson, Kathleen Searcy, Donna Addison, Carol Holloway, Sandra Brann, Carol Todd, Louise Streuli, Cathy Gibbins, Roy Harsh, Bill Willard and Olga Bonilla.

The business being honored is Windermere Realty, whose volunteers collectively served more than 1,430 hours at Kelsey Creek Farm.
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