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The standard maps below the line on this page can be downloaded for free or we can print them for you at the same prices listed below as the Custom Maps. Downloadable maps are in PDF format and can be viewed using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Customized Maps
Below are the customized map services we offer. To request a customized map, fill out a standard map request or submit one in person at the Service First Desk. Here is a list of prices and sizes available for customized maps.

  • Maps 11" x 17" and smaller:  $9 + tax
  • Maps greater than 11" x 17":  $25 + tax
  • Data:  $100/hour with a $50 minimum charge

Property Map:  Aerial imagery of a single parcel/property and may include property lines, contour lines and building outlines. Example (8.5" X 11")

Quartersection Map: Based on the selected quarter section (a square geographic area that is 1/2 mile on each side) and the following data layers:  aerial imagery, property lines, contour lines and buildings. Choose one quarter section using this map. Example (31" X 31") (1" = 100' scale)

Land Survey Information
For information regarding land surveying, please contact the Land Survey Division.

Utility Data
For utility data such as storm, wastewater or water, please fill out a utility data request form and email to the Utilities Department.

Base Maps

  • Base Map: Schools, community and government facilities, police and fire stations, park & ride lots, parks and streams (8" X 11")
  • Large Base Map: Color map showing parcels, streets, public facilities and topography. (32" X 48") (1"=1200' scale)
  • Bellevue Streets: Parcels and right of way, with all streets labeled for Bellevue only (35" X 52") (1" = 1,000' scale) or (34" X 47") (1"= 1,200' scale) for Bellevue and surrounding communities
  • Property Lines: Parcels and right of way, with all streets labeled for Bellevue only (35" X 52") (1"=1,000' scale) or (34" X 47") (1" = 1200' scale) for Bellevue and surrounding communities
  • School District Boundaries: Boundaries and schools (11" X 17") (1" = 4,100' scale)
  • Government Facilities: Federal, state and local facilities (8.5" X 11")
  • Orthophoto Index: Reference map showing aerial photography tiles. Used to select which photo to download from the GIS FTP site.  (11" X 17")



  • Zoning Map: Citywide zoning classifications and parcels. (36" X 50") (1"= 1,000' scale)
  • Downtown Zoning: Zoning classifications within the downtown area. (28" X 40") (1" = 175' scale)
  • Annexation History: All annexations in Bellevue's history, with names of annexed areas. (24" X 24") (1"=2,180' scale)
  • Comprehensive Plan: Citywide Comprehensive Plan classifications and street centerlines. (24" X 32") (1"=1,850' scale)
  • Subareas: Displays Bellevue subareas, used for a variety of planning purposes.  (8.5" X 11")
Contact Information

Geospatial Technology Services
450 110th Ave. NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone: 425-452-2886
E-mail: gisinfo@bellevuewa.gov

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