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Sammamish/ East Lake Hills

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After nearly 800 residents in the Sammamish/East Lake Hills neighborhood enhancement program area cast ballots, six projects (shown below in priority order) will be funded and constructed in the next three years. Also shown below are the projects that did not receive enough votes to be included in this cycle. The priority of the funded projects depended on how voters ranked them on their ballots: 3 points for first priority, 2 for second priority and 1 for third priority. 

The first five projects have estimated costs totalling $269,000; that's $6,000 under the available allocation of $275,000 for the area. The next highest priority project selected in the vote is the sidewalk on Southeast 31st Street. However, the estimated cost of that project is $120,000, too high to be included within the allocation. 

As it turns out, the next highest priority is the streetlight replacement on Northeast Eighth Street, which has an estimated cost of $6,000. That can be accomplished within the allocation. Therefore, it is included for funding. The total cost of all funded projects is $275,000, exactly the amount available for the area.

If you have any questions, you can contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), or if you have questions concerning specific projects, you can also contact the designated project manager included with the description and cost estimate for the project.

Please note that all cost estimates are prepared based on limited information.  Projects are not designed unless/until they are chosen for funding by residents. Every effort is made to contain costs and build the most cost-effective project, yet it is possible the actual cost could vary  from the initial estimate. 


(COMPLETE) SE-07-A     Weowna Park Reforestation  (Ballot # SE-12, received 750 points)
This project will plant disease-resistant native trees and shrubs in areas of the southeast corner of Weowna Park in order to reestablish the forest cover and shrub layer. The project will include site preparation, planting 3,300 native shrubs, planting 360 native trees and pruning existing native vegetation to increase forest health.
Estimated cost:  $45,000
Project Manager:  Jim Bennett, 425-452-4321
Project Location

(COMPLETE) SE-07-B     Phantom Lake Barn Swallow Habitat  (Ballot # SE-10, received 653 points)
Barn swallows eat large amount of mosquitoes. This project will perform a biological assessment of barn swallow populations around Phantom Lake and Lake Hills Greenbelt area to identify limiting factors and make recommendations to increase barn swallow habitat around the lake. Results of the project will include a biological assessment of the existing barn swallow habitat in the Lake Hills Greenbelt and Phantom Lake area, creation and distribution of outreach materials to assist homeowners in creating barn swallow habitat, and design of barn swallow habitat structures for the Lake Hills Greenbelt.
Estimated Cost: $20,000
Project Manager:  Geoff Bradley, 425-452-2740

(COMPLETE) SE-07-C     Restrooms at Evergreen Park  (Ballot # SE-3, received 571 points)
This project will install a restroom building with flush toilets, sinks and a drinking fountain at Evergreen Park. The restroom will be a concrete pre-fab unit with a men's and women's side, locking from the inside.  Each side includes a stainless steel sink, hand dryer and exhaust vent. Vent and lights will automatically come on when the door opens. The doors will lock automatically at night with a timer, and can be programmed. The unit also includes an ADA-compliant drinking fountain and will have an anti-graffiti coating to help in removing graffiti. (See example at right.)
Estimated Cost:  $109,000
Project Manager: 
Project Location

(COMPLETE) SE-07-D     Streetlights on Southeast 26th Street from Southeast 25th Street to West Lake Sammamish Parkway  (Ballot #SE-13, received 491 points)
This project will install up to five new street lights and poles on the south side of Southeast 26th Street, from 171st Avenue Southeast to just west of Southeast 25th Street.  This project will include all trenching and underground utility work needed.
Estimated Cost:  $80,000
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
Project Location

(COMPLETE) SE-07-E      Lake Hills Green Belt - Phantom Lake Park Amenities  (Ballot #SE-5, received 470 points)
This project will Install three picnic tables on concrete pads, two freestanding, moveable picnic tables, three park benches and a trash receptacle. Benches will be placed along the pathway. Pathway pavement will be extended around the benches to create a smooth walking surface that connects the proposed benches with the existing path.
Estimated Cost:  $15,000
Project Manager:   Randy Ransom, 425-452-2036
Project Map

(COMPLETE) SE-07-F     Streetlight Replacement on Northeast Eighth Street, 156th Avenue Northeast to 164th Avenue Northeast  (Ballot #SE-6, received 332 points)
Twelve of the existing 28 lights have drop lenses, which reflect outward. This project will replace them with flat lens lights (which direct light directly to the ground underneath) to match the other 16 flat-lens lights.
Estimated Cost:  $6,000
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
Project location.


The following projects cannot be funded through the Neighborhood Enhancement Program this time. NEP will be back in your neighborhood in 2010.

SE-1   Horizon East Asphalt Path and Concrete Stairs 
(Received 107 points)
This project would have repaved the existing five-foot asphalt path and rebuilt the concrete stairs that connect 165th Place Southeast and 166th Avenue Southeast. This would have included one streetlight at base of stairs.
Estimated Cost:  $110,000
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
Project location

SE-2    Sidewalk on Southeast 31st Street from 161st Avenue Southeast to 162nd Avenue Southeast  (Received 392 points)
This project would have constructed a five-foot concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter on south side of Southeast 31st Street. It would have begun at 161st Avenue Southeast and worked eastward to 162nd Avenue Southeast/Southeast 31st Street intersection. The back of the proposed sidewalk would have been the location of the existing curb.
Estimated Cost: $120,000*
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
*Actual cost estimate was $160,000. $40,000 of supplemental Neighborhood Traffic Calming funds would have been used if this project had been selected.
Project location

SE-4    Sidewalk on 167th Avenue Southeast along 41.5 Open Space Frontage (Received 107 points)
This project would have constructed a five-foot concrete sidewalk along the frontage of the 41.5 Open Space on 167th Avenue Southeast. The project would meander into the park from the existing sidewalk end and then connect with the road at the south border of the park frontage.
Estimated Cost:  $50,000
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
Project location.

SE-7    Sunset Elementary School Sports Field Enhancements  (Received 255 points)
This project would have replaced the grass sports field area with an all-sports sand play surface. The intent was to create a low-maintenance, smooth active sports and play area. Dugouts with dirt floors would have been paved with concrete. Roofs would have been added to each dugout. This project would have been constructed in conjunction with the Issaquah School District which had already approved of the design and scope of the project.
Estimate Cost: $150,000
Project Manager:  Brian Krause, 425-452-6992
Project location

SE-8   Sidewalk on 168th Avenue Southeast, from Lake Hills Boulevard to Southeast Fourth Place  (Received 142 points)
This project would have constructed a five-foot concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter on the south side of 168th Avenue Southeast. The project would have begun at the existing sidewalk end at Lake Hills Boulevard and worked southward to Southeast Fourth Place. The sidewalk would have lessened the curvature of the curve in the roadway.
Estimated Cost:  $150,000
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
Project Location

SE-9   Sidewalk and other improvements at intersection of Main Street and 162nd Avenue Northeast  (Received 201 points)
This project would have constructed a six-foot concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter on the south corners as well as a six-foot wide landscaped median on 162nd Avenue Northeast. The south corners would have been designed to narrow the intersection. Landscaping was to have been included behind the sidewalk.
Estimated Cost:  $100,000*
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103
*Actual estimate is $150,000 – $50,000 of supplemental Neighborhood Traffic Calming funds would be used if this project is selected.
Project Location

SE-11  Sidewalk on 158th Place Southeast, from Southeast Sixth Street to Southeast Fourth Street  (Received 147 points)
This project would have constructed a five-foot concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter on east side of street. The project would have begun at Southeast Sixth Street and worked northward to Southeast Fourth Street. The curb would be set for a total roadway width of 28 feet.
Estimated Cost:  $150,000*
Project Manager:  Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103 
*Actual cost estimate is $200,000. $50,000 of supplemental Ped-Bike funds would be used if this project is selected.
Project Location

The status of all active projects in your area can be found via the Projects In Your Neighborhood Map.

Contact Information

Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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