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News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 9, 2006

Residents should brace for more possible flooding

BELLEVUE –  With predictions of more rain this weekend and a storm with strong winds arriving Sunday evening, the City of Bellevue is gearing up for more inclement weather. Although this storm isn’t predicted to bring as much rain as the ones earlier this week, soils are already wet, and more rain could lead to flooding.

Street sweepers are being dispatched to major streets known for flooding due to leaves; flood control sites are being inspected and monitored; sandbags are being loaded on trucks; and standby lists have been created. The city is also asking citizens to help out by clearing storm drains of leaves when they can, as crews cannot get to all 30,000 storm drains throughout the city.

Citizens should also make sure to clear debris and landscape vegetation, such as ivy and grass away from drains and drain pipes on their property.

Safety tips for rainy weather:

  • If you have a life-threatening situation, call 911.
  • To report flooding at your home or business, hazardous road conditions, down or damaged stop or yield signs, please call City of Bellevue Utilities 24-hour emergency number 425-452-7840.
  • To report gas leaks, power outages or downed power lines, please call Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773.
  • If you need a sump pump, contact rental equipment stores. Supplies usually go fast.
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical wires.  Electrical current can travel through water.
  • Check storm drains near your home and clear away any leaves and debris. Clogged grates are often the reason a street or yard floods during a storm.
  • Remember that during a storm it’s normal for streams to rise and that some parking lots and parks are designed to fill with water. However, do not walk through these flooded areas. Six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.
  • If a road is flooded, do not drive through the water, as the water may be deeper than it appears. Never drive past a barricade.
  • If your car stalls in a flooded area, abandon it as soon as possible and walk back to higher ground.
  • Have a backpack or duffel bag ready in a closet close to the door in case you need to evacuate. Some items to include are bottled water, first aid kit, warm weather-proof clothing, food, battery operated radio and extra batteries, sleeping bag or blankets, prescription medication, etc.

Report property losses:

King County asks local residents who suffered flood-related losses to their business or primary home during the storms last weekend and Monday to report their damages and personal estimated property losses.

This information is being collected to assist state officials requesting federal assistance because of the flooding. It may be several weeks before Governor Gregoire and the President Bush determine what disaster relief programs may be available. Should a federal declaration be announced for this flood event, additional information will be provided on how property owners file claims with FEMA.

The King County Office of Emergency Management has established a damage hotline for King County residents to report their losses. Residents should report disaster damage to the King County Emergency Coordination Center at 1-800-253-5044, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., beginning Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Necessary Information 

Residents reporting damages should be prepared to provide the following information:

1. Name and address of affected property
2. Description of damage
3. Personal estimate of uninsured losses
4. Estimates of the fair market value of damaged homes or businesses.

Detached garages and storage buildings, secondary homes and recreational homes are not to be reported. Orchards and crops should be reported to the local farm service representative and subsequently to the State Farm Service Agency and the state Department of Agriculture.

Residents can also monitor near real-time flood data for rivers in King County by going to the King County Flood Warning System website.

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