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Northeast Bellevue

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October 2011

Dear NE Bellevue Neighbors,

In the last Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) cycle, you identified projects of impor-tance to your neighborhood, and you voted to select your highest priorities. Many of these projects are now completed and serving your community. However, two restroom projects have remained on hold due to the extraordinarily high cost of ongoing maintenance. After much discussion with staff and residents, the City has decided not to build more public restrooms under today’s budget constraints.

Instead, the City will install new portable restrooms in Ardmore and Ivanhoe Parks. These port-ables will be new units, screened by enclosures that are constructed of wood posts, metal wire fab-ric on the sides panels with wooden horizontal and vertical lattice trim which make them more visually compatible with their surroundings. Also, the restrooms will remain in place year-round for the convenience of residents.

Installing portable restrooms in Ivanhoe and Ardmore Parks, instead of building permanent rest-room facilities, will reduce the cost of each project from $120,000 to $10,000 and – more impor-tant – reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance from $1,200 per month to $100 per month.

We understand that the original restroom projects were important to the community. Under pre-sent circumstances, however, we hope you will agree that portable restrooms are a reasonable al-ternative and a sensible investment for the City and the community .

We look forward to working together on important neighborhood projects for many years to come. Please contact Ying Carlson Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), if you have any questions, comments or ideas to share.


                                                                                             April 2008

In March, over 1,000 households in the Northeast Bellevue Neighborhood Enhancement Area cast ballots, indicating their top three projects from a list of twelve proposed projects.  Each of the proposed projects was based on the project requests submitted in September of last year.  All the proposed projects were presented at a workshop held at Bennett Elementary School on January 23rd.  Each vote was assigned a number; 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice and 1 point for 3rd choice.  All the points were totaled.  The point totals determined the priority of projects.  All projects which could be funded within the allocation for the area ($500,000) were selected for funding.  In this case, eight projects will be funded.  This actually brings the total to $12,000 over the allocation.  Selecting only seven projects would leave $13,000 unspent.  We have determined to fund the eight and deduct the $12,000 excess from the area allocation in 2011.

The funded projects are shown below in priority order.   Construction will start as soon as possible.  The goal is to complete the projects before the next cycle of NEP in Northeast Bellevue three years from now.  The list shows the project description, estimated cost and contact information for the project manager.  Each also shows the ballot number and points received in italics.

Below the list of funded projects is a list of those projects which did not get funded, along with their ballot number and points received.

Now is the time to wrap up this phase of Neighborhood Enhancement and move into the next phase -- implementation of the selected projects.  Once again, all residents are invited to play an active role: contact the project managers to provide input; track the status of these and other projects on the city's website; or just come out and enjoy the projects!

If you have any questions, you can contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), or if you have questions concerning specific projects, you can also contact the designated project manager included with the description and cost estimate for the project.

Please note that all cost estimates are prepared based on limited information.  Projects are not designed unless/until they are chosen for funding by residents.  Every effort is made to contain costs and build the most cost-effective project, yet it is possible the actual cost could vary  from the initial estimate. 


(COMPLETE) NE-08-A     Crossroads Water Play Area Picnic Shelters and Asian Rain Drums (Ballot No. NE-9, 1657 points)
This project will provide $150,000 of supplemental funds to complete the Crossroads Water Play Area currently in progress in Crossroads Community Park. The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club is partnering with the City to raise money for this 25,000-square-foot playground expansion. As designed, features include Nessie’s Lagoon, family picnic shelters, spitting frogs, a floating granite world, spouting northwest orca whales, squirting clams, sinking boats and Asian rain drums. The total estimated cost of the project is up to $1,000,000. So far, $850,000 has been raised, allowing the city to build everything in the project except the family picnic shelters and Asian rain drums. This project will allow the picnic shelters and Asian rain drums to be completed.
Estimated Cost: $150,000
Project Manager: Pam Fehrman, pfehrman@bellevuewa.gov, (425) 452-4326

(COMPLETE) NE-08-D     164th Ave NE Widened Asphalt Shoulder, NE 6th St to NE 8th St (Ballot No. NE-10, 450 points)
This project will pave a 5-ft asphalt shoulder on the east side of 164th Ave NE, between NE 6th St and NE 8th St. The shoulder will provide a better transition into the bike lane, north of NE 8th St.
Estimated Cost: $30,000
Project Manager: Vangie Parico, vparico@bellevuewa.gov, (425) 452-6103

(COMPLETE) NE-08-E      Landscaping on NE 8th St from 167th Ave NE to 168th Pl NE (Ballot No. NE-1, 435 points)
This project will install additional landscaping along approximately 2,400 ft of right-of-way along the south side of NE 8th between 167th Ave NE and 168th Pl. NE. The project will include removal of existing vegetation, extensive site and soil preparation, and new plantings to match the recently improved area along the north side of NE 8th St. Hand watering or an irrigation system will be needed for at least the first three years to establish the new plantings.
Estimated cost: $23,000
Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov, (425) 452-7924

(COMPLETE) NE-08-F      Additional Swings in Tam O’Shanter Park (Ballot No. NE-7, 423 points)
This project will install a larger swing set in Tam O’Shanter Park to include swings for toddlers as well as older children. The project will remove the benches and tables inside the play area along with the trail that runs through the middle of play area in order to accommodate the expanded swing set. The trail on the outside of the play area will remain so ingress/egress through the park will not be affected.
Estimated Cost: $16,000
Project Manager: Randy Ransom, rransom@bellevuewa.gov, (425) 452-2036

(COMPLETE) NE-08-G     Landscaping on 164th Ave NE from NE 6th St to NE 8th St (Ballot No. NE-3, 350 points)
This project will install new landscaping along approximately 6,500 feet of right-of-way along the east side of 164th Ave NE from NE 6th St to NE 8th St. The project will include the removal of existing vegetation, extensive site and soil preparation to create a suitable growing environment, and new plantings chosen to match similar planter areas within the community. Hand watering or an irrigation system will need to be implemented for at least the first three years to establish the new plantings.
Estimated cost: $46,000
Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov, (425) 452-7924

(COMPLETE) NE-08-H     Replace Streetlights in Bellewood East (Ballot No. NE-2, 334 points)
This project will replace the existing streetlights along 167th Ave NE/NE 31st St/168th Ave NE between NE 30th St and NE 32nd St with new lights for more illumination in the Bellewood East neighborhood. The City will work with residents to choose an upgraded light model among those available.
Estimated Cost: $25,000
Project Manager: Mike Whiteaker, mwhiteaker, (425) 452-4230


Improved Path, Ardmore Elem. (Ballot #NE-11, 332 points)

Sunich Park Open Space improvements (Ballot #NE-12, 312 points)

Sidewalk on 171st Pl NE/ NE 6th St. (Ballot #NE-5, 155 points)

Curb Replacement, Lakeridge Estates (Ballot #SE-6, 97 points)

The status of all active projects in your area can be found via the Projects In Your Neighborhood Map.

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Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
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Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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