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The Hearing Examiner must consider the facts in a case and whether the appropriate laws, ordinances or codes were applied properly. At the hearings, participants should provide relevant information and argument.

Evidence and argument can be submitted in writing before or during the hearing, or presented orally at the hearing. Information is most beneficial if it shows how a specific statute, ordinance or policy applies to the proposal or situation.

The hearings are informal, but court-like in the way testimony and evidence are presented. All testimony is under oath or verbal affirmation to tell the truth. Hearing proceedings differ in format depending upon the matter heard.

To ensure fairness and also the appearance of fairness, all persons are prohibited from contacting the Examiner or the Examiner’s staff for the purpose of influencing a decision in any manner, other than by submitting written or oral evidence in argument through the public hearing process. Hearing Examiner’s staff screen all correspondence and telephone calls to prevent inappropriate contacts.

Similarly, contact with a member of the City Council for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a case can lead to that Council member’s disqualifying himself or herself, or invalidating the proceeding.

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