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Eastgate/Cougar Mountain

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900 ballots were received from residents in the Eastgate/Cougar Mountain NEP area and the results are shown below in priority order. The top five priority projects selected through the vote will be funded and constructed in the next three years. Also shown below are the projects which did not receive enough votes to be included in this cycle. The priorities were determined by assigning points to the priorities indicated on the ballots; 3 points for first priority, 2 for second priority, and 1 for third priority. All the points were then totaled for each project to determine the overall priority list.

If you have any questions, you can contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), or if you have questions concerning specific projects, you can also contact the designated project manager included with the description and cost estimate for the project.

Please note that all cost estimates are prepared based on limited information.  Projects are not designed unless/until they are chosen for funding by residents.  Every effort is made to contain costs and build the most cost-effective project, yet it is possible the actual cost could vary  from the initial estimate.  The total cost of the five projects listed below is $4,650 more than the $480,000 available for the area.  In the event that the actual cost of the projects exceeds the amount available for the area in this cycle, the excess could covered by supplemental funds from other programs if available, or it could be taken from the amount available in the next cycle (2010). 


(COMPLETE) EC-07-A  (Ballot #EC-4, received 975 points)
Lewis Creek Park Trail extension along Lakemont Boulevard
Extend the existing multi-purpose asphalt trail along the Lewis Creek Park frontage to the existing sidewalk system just south of 164th Avenue Northeast. The project will provide for arterial landscaping improvements and wetland restoration work associated with the pathway. The project will complete the multi-purpose trail providing a safer connection between Lewis Creek and Lakemont Parks. Estimated cost: $134,650. Contact: Geoff Bradley, 452-2740. Project Map

(COMPLETE) EC-07-B  (Ballot #EC-8, received 729 points)
Swings and Portable Restroom with Decorative Enclosure at Lattawood Park
Expand the existing playground in Lattawood Park to allow for the installation of swings, extend the existing seasonal use of a portable restroom to year-round use, and construct a decorative wooden structure around the portable restroom. Pavement and safety surface improvements will be made to blend the new swing area with the existing playground design. The city currently has a portable restroom at the park from April to October. This project will provide funds to extend that to year-round use. The decorative structure would compliment existing park structures and will provide a visual buffer around the portable restroom.  Estimated cost: $90,000.  Contact: Brian Krause, 452-6992.
Swings Description Portable Restroom Description

(COMPLETE) EC-07-C (Ballot #EC-12, received 499 points)
New playground equipment at Lakemont Park
Install new play structures for children ages 2-5 and 5-12. These will be two separate composite play structures. To enhance a child’s early physical and mental development, the new structures will incorporate multiple play elements. The existing swing will be retained and a new slide added. The structures will be ADA accessible, and new fall material will replace the existing material.   Estimated cost: $100,000. Contact: Randy Ransom, 425-452-2036. Project Locations

(COMPLETE) EC-07-D  (Ballot #EC-11, received 351 points)
Sports wall at Cougar Ridge Elementary School
This project will construct a wall for the purpose of practicing ball sports, such as tennis, soccer and baseball. The wall will be constructed of concrete and masonry. Additional asphalt paving will be added in order to utilize the hitting surface on both sides of the wall. A section of fencing approximately 10 ft. tall x 30 ft. long will be installed to keep balls in the play area. One basketball goal will be removed as part of the project. This project would be constructed in coordination with the Issaquah School District which has already approved of the design and location.  Estimated cost: $65,000.  Contact: Brian Krause, 425-452-6992.   Project Map

(COMPLETE) EC-07-E (Ballot# EC-13, received 326 points)
Lewis Creek Trail stream crossings
Construct two footbridges over Lewis Creek, located at the west and east ends of the Lewis Creek Trail in Lakemont Park. These bridges will allow trail users to cross Lewis Creek. To moderate grade, a "peeler pole" design would be used at both sites. The project will include revegetation of the construction access trail and plantings around the footings of the bridges. Estimate cost:  $95,000.  Contact: Chris Vandall, 452-7679.  Project Location


EC-2 Landscaping improvements to intersection of Forest Drive and Lakemont Boulevard (Received 271 points)
Improve the attractiveness of the natural area at the northwest corner of Lakemont Boulevard and Forest Drive. Approximately 900 square feet of area would be beautified. The project would include excavating material from the existing mound of soil and rock on the road shoulder, creating an even, gradual slope with high-quality planting soil, removing invasive species, planting attractive native ground covers, shrubs and trees, and topdressing the planting area with a bark mulch.  Estimated Cost: $80,000. 

EC-16 Sidewalk on corner of 154th Avenue Southeast and Southeast 47th Street  (Received 264 points)
Install a concrete curb, gutter and five-foot wide sidewalk on the northeast corner of 154th Place Southeast and Southeast 47th Street. The project would begin at the existing sidewalk end on 154th Place Southeast and end at the corner, ending with the installation of an accessible curb ramp.
Estimated cost:  $40,000.    

EC-6 Trail connection from 155th Place Southeast to existing trails in Coal Creek Park  (Received 258 points)
Create a new nature trail through the recently acquired Coal Creek Natural Area connecting the Forest Ridge neighborhood to the existing trail system in Coal Creek Park, and to the Red Town Trailhead. The new trail would create expanded passive recreation opportunities and provide a safe pedestrian crossing of Coal Creek. The project would utilize the Parks Department Well KEPT program to create job skills and career development opportunities for Bellevue youth. The project would also incorporate some reforestation and habitat enhancement opportunities for community volunteer participation.  Estimated cost: $110,260.   

EC-3 Forest Ridge Open Space Enhancement on Lakemont Boulevard north of Forest Drive  (Received 212 points)
Restore areas of Forest Ridge Open Space along the west side of Lakemont Boulevard north from the intersection of Forest Drive. It would include the removal of Himalayan blackberries between the trail and Lakemont Boulevard and the planting of native trees and shrubs.  Estimated cost: $17,000. 

EC-17 Streetlight on 157th Avenue Southeast  (Received 207 points)
Install one new streetlight and pole on the east side of 157th Avenue Southeast just north of 45th Court. This cost estimate includes all utility work required to install the sign.  Estimated cost: $7,000. 

EC-1 Sidewalk on Southeast 46th Street from 168th Avenue Southeast to 169th Avenue Southeast  (Received 186 points)
Install a concrete curb, gutter and five-foot concrete sidewalk on the north side of Southeast 46th Street, between 168th and 169th avenues Southeast. The sidewalk would narrow the roadway from 22 feet to 18 feet. Parking would be restricted for westbound traffic. The northeast corner of Southeast 46th Street and 168th Avenue Southeast is within unincorporated King County and is subject to county review. This project would complete the sidewalk on the north side of 46th Street.  Estimated Cost: $150,000.

EC-10 Spectator seating improvements at Lakemont Park ballfield  (Received 169 points)
Create spectator bleacher seating on both the first and third base sides of the ballfield. The existing earthen and wood seating on the third base side of the field would be replaced with a rockery retaining wall in order to create a level space for the installation of a bleacher seating unit. Pavement improvements would also be made to the first base side to accommodate bleacher seating.  Estimated cost: $65,000. 

EC-5 Trail connection between the west end of Southeast 47th Place and Lakemont Boulevard and Southeast 47th Place Beautification.  (Received 147 points)
Construct a soft-surface trail connection between the west end of Southeast 47th Place and Lakemont Boulevard. The project would include directional signage and landscape enhancements at both ends of the trail. The project would include improvements to the appearance of the west end of Southeast 47th Place in the Sky Mountain neighborhood. It would include the clearing of existing weeds and grasses and the planting of native trees and shrubs. Routing and location of the trailhead at the northern end will depend on a detailed site analysis and design to be accomplished if this project is selected.  Estimated cost: $26,000.  

EC-18 Native Plant Restoration in Cougar Ridge West Open Space  (Received 147 points)
Restore portions of Cougar Ridge West Native Growth Protection Areas with native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Work with neighbors to define enhancement area details.  Estimated cost:  $34,000.

EC-9 Playground equipment and other improvements at Winridge Open Space  (Received 141 points)
Construct a playground, walkway/pavement improvements and a split-rail safety fence in the Winridge Open Space located on the north side of Southeast Cougar Mountain Way, opposite 166th Way Southeast.  Estimated cost: $150,000. 

EC-14 Pedestrian Improvements at intersection of 152nd Place Southeast and Forest Drive  (Received 111 points)
Complete the sidewalk around the southwest corner of 152nd Place Southeast and Forest Drive. The sidewalk would also connect to the existing paved path on Forest Drive. The project would include improvements to lighting and all utility work required.  Estimated cost:  $60,000. 

EC-7 Cougar Ridge Elementary Native Plant Buffer  (Received 97 points)
Plant native trees and shrubs in the Vuemont South Open Space south of Cougar Ridge Elementary School and north of the Vuemont South neighborhood. The project would include the purchase and installation of 75 six-foot evergreen trees, spaced 10 feet apart, and 150 native shrubs. The work could be completed with volunteers from the neighborhood and school.  Estimated cost: $7,500.  

EC-15 Paved Trail on 168th Place Southeast (Received 53 points)
This project would install a paved trail on 168th Place Southeast from the existing sidewalk north to the path connecting Southeast 60th and 59th streets.
Estimated cost:  $50,000.   
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