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In March 2009, Crossroads residents voted for their favorite Neighborhood Enhancement (NEP) projects.  Here are the results.

Crossroads residents initially identified a total of $819,000 worth of eligible projects, for which $480,000 is available. In order to prioritize these proposals, ballots were mailed to over 5,600 households. 515 households returned ballots with their preferred projects indicated.  Below, you will find the list of those proposed projects that will receive funding as a result of the vote, as well as those projects that cannot be funded. The voting results, project descriptions, cost estimates, and project managers are listed for the funded projects.

Five of the eight proposed projects will be funded. These five projects have a total estimated cost of $480,000. However, this means reducing the scope of one project. The first four priority projects can be funded. There are not enough funds to include the fifth priority project; additional amenities at the Crossroads Pea Patch. The next project on the list, the barrier-free walkway from Woodside East Apartments to Crossroads Park, is more than can be funded within the allocation. However, it has been determined that reducing the scope of the project can occur while still meeting the goal of the project. Therefore the top four projects, plus the sixth priority project at a reduced cost will be funded.

Now it’s time to wrap up this phase of Neighborhood Enhancement and move into the next phase — implementation of the projects selected. Once again, we invite you to play an active role by contacting the project managers to provide input, tracking the status of these and other projects on the city’s website, or just coming out to enjoy the projects!

Please contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Coordinator with questions (contact information at right).


The following projects have received funding, via your votes, for implementation. The italicized type shows the ballot number and the number of points the project received in the voting.  Map of Crossroads NEP area with project locations.

CR-09-A Walkway from Crossroads Park to Crossroads Mall  (Ballot No. CR-2, 619 pts.)
This project will install a new sidewalk, benches, pedestrian lighting and signage at the southwest corner of Crossroads Park, just south of the Crossroads Community Center to connect Crossroads Park with Crossroads Mall.
Estimated Cost: $105,000 Project Manager: Ken Kroeger, (425) 452-4624, kkroeger@bellevuewa.gov

CR-09-B Ivy Removal and Re-landscaping along 148th Ave. NE from NE 8th St. to Bel-Red Rd.  (Ballot No. CR-7, 554 pts.)
This project will remove ivy from walls and streetscape planting beds along 148th Ave NE between NE 8th St. and Bel-Red Rd. and install attractive, appropriatel andscaping. Plantings will include a wall-climbing vine such as Boston Ivy, and other attractive groundcovers and shrubs. Upgrades to the existing irrigation system will be included.
Estimated cost: $150,000 Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, (425) 452-7924, tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov

CR-09-C Landscape Improvements on 152nd Ave. NE, south of Bel-Red Road  (Ballot No. CR-5, 414 pts.)
This project will replace trees that have been removed due to storm damage and install five new significant trees. It will also including pruning of existing trees in good condition, removal of damaged trees and upgrades to the existing irrigation system.
Estimated cost: $21,000 Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, (425) 452-7924, tkuykendall@bellevuewa.gov

CR-09-D New Sidewalk and Landscaping on NE 8th St. west of 156th Ave. NE  (Ballot No. CR-4, 392 pts.)
This project will include the removal of the existing damaged sidewalk on NE 8th St. west of 156th Ave. NE and the addition of a 4-foot planter bed. Landscaping and an irrigation system will be included.
Estimated cost: $150,000 Project Manager: Vangie Garcia, (425) 452-6103, vgarcia@bellevuewa.gov

CR-09-E Barrier-Free Walkway between Woodside East Apartments and Crossroads Park  (Ballot No. CR-8, 274 pts.)
This project will provide a number of pathway modifications to improve pedestrian and wheelchair access from the Woodside East Apartments through the Crossroads Village Apartments to Crossroads Park. The existing asphalt walkway will be redeveloped and resurfaced, with new wheelchair ramps to provide convenient and safe access to Crossroads Park.
Estimated cost: $54,000 (Originally $75,000)  Project Manager: Randy Ransom, (425) 452-2036, rransom@bellevuewa.gov


The following projects will not be implemented in this cycle of NEP funding.  The italicized type includes the ballot project number and the number of points it received.

Additional Amenities for Crossroads Pea Patch Estimated cost: $150,000  (Ballot No.CR-3, 338 pts.)

Landscape Improvements on 164th Estimated cost: $ 48,000  (Ballot No. CR-6, 210 pts.)

Northup Way Path Improvement Estimated cost: $120,000 (Ballot No. CR-1, 200 pts.)

Contact Information

Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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