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Council Vision

 Economic Development  Transportation and Mobility
 High-Quality Built and Natural Environment  Great Places You Want to Be
 Regional Leadership and Influence  Achieving Human Potential
 High-Performance Government

On May 19, 2014 the City Council approved a 20-year vision for the city, including strategic target areas and two-year priorities. The vision, developed at a council retreat in February 2014, is presented on these pages and also as a printable document. In December 2015, staff presented "What We Accomplished," which tracked progress on the two-year priorities for 2014-15. In early 2016, the council adopted new two-year priorities for 2016-17. They are now included with each target area.

Bellevue’s neighborhoods are defined by the people who live there. All neighborhoods provide communities for residents that are safe and friendly, with gathering places that keep people connected to each other. Housing choices abound. There are neighborhoods complete with classic Bellevue ramblers and fenced yards. High-rise apartments provide a view over a vibrant urban landscape. And we have every housing type in between. Bellevue is welcoming to everyone, from newborn babies to people with decades of life experience.

Bellevue is open for business. Entrepreneurs can turn their vision into reality.  They have access to capital, both human and monetary. We celebrate successful companies. We compete with the world.

Education is a core value. Our people are well-educated and prepared for life in the 21st century. We are continually striving for improvement. We are creators of the future. Every child is prepared to succeed in that future.

We celebrate all aspects of our culture. We embrace our diverse culture through arts, history, business, entertainment and community gatherings. Whether it’s modern art, opera, theater or contemporary music, the artists may be world-renowned, live next door or both.

We are a “City in a Park.” Enjoy the tranquility of a wooded trail or a paddle through the Mercer Slough. You can people-watch in an urban plaza, play your favorite sport or gaze at the shimmering sun on a bright blue lake.

Our residents have the services they need. In Bellevue, you find what you need at a neighborhood store or shop at the world’s best retailers. And you can get there easily. We still drive our cars. But we can walk, bike, rideshare, cab, bus or use rail to get there. Whatever mode we choose, it’s predictable and reliable.

Bellevue’s elected leaders share these goals and this vision. We provide the leadership and strategy needed to fulfill our ambition for excellence. We are leaders and collaborators throughout the region. Bellevue is respected by and respectful of our neighbors.

The future of Bellevue is multi-dimensional, and city government will keep the trust of its residents by:

  • Bringing economic prosperity to all;
  • Providing a highly-functioning transportation system;
  • Developing a quality built environment that serves all aspects of our community;
  • Ensuring exceptional education opportunities for all ages;
  • Supporting the cultural strengths of our city – arts, heritage, culture, parks, recreation and community events;
  • Engaging with all residents and stakeholders and continuing to be a community that cares for all people; and
  • Influencing state and regional politics to help Bellevue advocate for a better quality of life for our citizens and region.

Seven Strategic Target Areas

  1. Economic Development
  2. Transportation and Mobility
  3. High-Quality Built and Natural Environment
  4. Bellevue: Great Places Where You Want to Be
  5. Regional Leadership and Influence
  6. Achieving Human Potential
  7. High-Performance Government
Contact Information

City Council
450 110th Ave. NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone: 425-452-7810
Fax: 425-452-7919
E-mail: council@bellevuewa.gov

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