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Bridle Trails

September 2008

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The list below shows all of the projects selected for funding through the vote and those that were not selected. If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, you can contact Ying Carlson, Neighborhood Enhancement Program Coordinator (contact information shown at right), or if you have questions concerning specific projects, you can also contact the designated project manager included with the description and cost estimate for the project.


Please note that all cost estimates are prepared based on limited information.  Projects are not designed unless/until they are chosen for funding by residents.  Every effort is made to contain costs and build the most cost-effective project, yet it is possible the actual cost could vary  from the initial estimate. 

(COMPLETE) BT-08-A  Landscape Screening on NE 24th Street east of 134th Avenue Northeast (Ballot #BT-3, 629 points)
Installation of native landscaping on the south side of  NE 24th Street to provide screening of gas pipeline equipment there. The project will include the removal of existing blackberries, site preparation and installation of native materials, shrubs and small trees, which would provide an attractive landscaping feature. The design of this project anticipates that, if funded, future pathway and bike shoulder projects at this location could possibly have an influence on part of the landscaping installed by this NEP project.
Estimated cost:  $25,800
Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, 425-452-7924

(COMPLETE) BT-08-B  Landscaping at the Intersection of 140th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street (Ballot #BT-6, 406 points)
Installation of landscaping in the city right of way on all four corners of the intersection of 140th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street to provide a more aesthetic and neighborhood feel to this heavily used intersection. Invasive weeds will be removed. New native plantings and trees will be planted on the northeast and southeast corners to provide a natural landscape. On the northwest and southwest corners, other appropriate plants will be used to improve the appearance of the intersection and to blend with the existing landscaping on the adjacent properties.  If this project is selected, the landscaping  will take into consideration the possibility that, if funded, a future project to install a separated pathway or sidewalk on 40th could possibly have an influence on the landscaping of the northeast corner of the intersection.
Estimated Cost:  $32,600
Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall, 425-452-7924

(COMPLETE) BT-08-C  Compton Trails Open Space Renovation and Enhancement (Ballot #BT-2, 403 points)
Renovation and enhancement of the open space in Compton Trails. The three-acre area is a forested property connecting 130th Avenue NE and Cherry Crest Elementary School. The property provides recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, air and water quality improvements and neighborhood buffering. This project will include removal of non-native vegetation, removal and replacement of storm-damaged and hazardous trees, wildlife habitat enhancements and native vegetation restorations.
Estimated Cost:  $30,000
Project Manager:  Jim Bennett, 425-452-4321

(COMPLETE) BT-08-D  Landscape Screening on 140th Avenue NE from NE 42nd Street to NE 44th Street (Ballot #BT-1, 212 points)
Installation of native plantings and trees to provide additional screening between 140th Avenue NE and the adjacent private property that houses the Bridle Trails Neighborhood pool, tennis courts and riding arena. Currently, small to large trees and scattered landscaping exist. This proposal will increase the density of the plantings to create a semi-solid screen of vegetation along the entirety of the property frontage. Plantings will include native shrubs and evergreen conifers.
Estimated cost:  $30,600
Project Manager:  Tom Kuykendall, 425-452-7924

(Please contact the project manager for current status) BT-08-E  Equestrian Community Art (Ballot #BT-8, 167 points) Acquisition and installation of a public art work that references the equestrian character of the community at a suitable location within the Bridle Trails NEP area. The location and design will be determined through a public involvement process. The art could include a medium-scale sculpture (4 to 7 feet),  functional art such as benches or other treatments. Materials could include steel, mosaic, wood or other materials, plus landscaping. The process of design and determination of location  will be coordinated by the Bellevue Arts Program.
Estimated cost:  $35,000
Project Manager: Mary Pat Byrne, 425-452-4105


Streetlight Replacement in Cherry Crest (Ballot #BT-9, 453 points)
Replacement of most of the existing streetlights in the Cherry Crest neighborhood. This project could have either installed new street light fixtures on existing poles, or replaced them completely with new street light fixtures and poles. If this project had been funded, a neighborhood committee would have been created to help determine the final street light fixture and pole design, as well as final locations.
Estimated cost:  $150,000
Project Manager: Vangie Parico, 425-452-6103

Improvements to Acheson Property (Ballot #BT-5, 331 points)
This project would have
provided funds to work in cooperation with State Parks to make improvements to the 4.6 acres of state park land at 5220 132nd Ave. NE, known as the “Acheson Property.”  Improvements could have included such things as vehicle access upgrades consistent with city standards, improvements to vehicle and trailer parking, installation of a public restroom and landscaping improvements. The project would not have included funds for upgrading the existing building complex. The development of projects to be implemented would have been made jointly by the city and State Parks and would have included public input. Any improvements would have been subject to permitting and approvals by both entities and a formal partnership agreement between them. 
Estimated Cost:  $150,000
Project Manager: Brian Krause, 425-452-6992

English Ivy Interpretive Information (Ballot #BT-7, 146 points)
English Ivy is registered as a Class C noxious weed in Washington. It easily escapes from ornamental landscapes and proliferates in natural open space systems. English Ivy competes with native plants for light, water and nutrients, and can add substantial weight to trees, making them more likely to blow down. It also provides hiding places for rats and other vermin. This project would have developed interpretive materials, including signage and/or brochures to help raise citizen awareness within Bridle Trails of the detrimental impacts English Ivy can have on natural ecosystems and provide information on eradication and control.
Estimated Cost:  $25,000
Project Manager: Geoff Bradley, 425-452-2740

Landscape Screening on 116th Avenue Northeast, from Northup Way to NE 39th Street (Ballot #BT-4, 118 points)
Installation of native plantings to provide additional screening between 116th Avenue NE and the pathway that runs along the east side of the street. Currently, small trees and scattered landscaping exists. This project would have increased the density of the plantings with native shrubs to create a semi-solid screen of vegetation along the entirety of the trail.
Estimated cost:  $91,500
Project Manager:  Tom Kuykendall, 425-452-7924

Contact Information

Neighborhood Outreach
450 110th Ave NE
P.O. Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Ying Carlson
Phone: 425-452-4342
E-mail: ycarlson@bellevuewa.gov

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