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Have & Have Not

 Have and Have Not
 Crystal Schenk
 Steel, stained glass, wood, fabric

Artist's Statement:
"Have and Have Not" relates to class issues, specifically the increasing gulf between the lower and upper classes. Grocery carts are significant objects for the dual-life they live. On one hand, they are mass-produced items intended to promote a lifestyle of mass consumerism – used as a vehicle for purchasing goods at the shopping center. Yet the moment they leave a store parking lot, their connotation becomes vastly different. A shopping cart becomes a vehicle of survival, becoming a person’s home and a means of livelihood – specifically, gathering recyclables in return for money. I apply the perceived visual materials of the upper class to a very impoverished way of life as a way of pointing out disparity. It is my hope that "Have and Have Not" will promote reflection on the global impact of the religion of consumption and encourage people to live simply.


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