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 Crystal Schenk
 Cardboard tubes, fabric, string, paper and beads

Artist's Statement:
I hold an intense interest in personal mythology, iconography and memory. Memories simultaneously exist and don’t exist; they are always shifting and changing, refusing to be concrete — one experiences a concurrent recognition and loss as a memory almost comes into focus and then fades away, creating an ever-changing landscape of recollection. "Aspens" is a recreation of a particularly happy childhood memory camping with my family in Colorado — a recollection that brought a moment of hope and clarity after the death of both of my parents. Paying tribute to the memory by making a recreation of it, the aspen trees I created are not replicas of actual aspen trees, but, rather, are a reproduction of my memory of them. This work is an invitation to you to share in my reminiscence, and I hope it will inspire access to a few of your own fading memories.


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