This Bellevue Police Department Policy Manual replaces all previously published agency policy manuals.  All existing rules, regulations, and departmental orders in conflict with these policies are canceled. All current Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures have been incorporated into this manual.  Procedures that may have been separated from Rules and Regulations or Policy in previous manuals have been combined in this manual.  This Manual, or division or unit manuals issued by division chiefs, shall be the only source of official Rule, Regulation, Policy and Procedures for this Department except when changes are made or new orders are issued by Executive Order.


This Policy Manual provides employees with a readily accessible source of policy and procedural information that complies with standards set by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.


The manual is intended to serve as a guide and framework within which employees can make decisions.  Policies in this manual are not intended to cover every situation that may arise in the discharge of an employee's duties.  The policies and procedures in this manual provide the necessary guidelines to make decisions and enable employees to maintain the high standard of service to which the citizens of the city of Bellevue have become accustomed.


The policies and procedures contained in this manual allow for deviation according to circumstances, however, such deviation must be followed with articulable sound judgment which is always subject to review.


This manual is released on the authority of the Bellevue Chief of Police.  It shall be available to all employees in an electronic format accessible at police department workstations and in MDC-equipped vehicles. All employees are required to familiarize themselves with all Rules, Regulations, and Polices contained herein.  


Certain policies in this manual may be covered by bargaining agreements.  If Department policy differs from language in a bargaining agreement, the language in the agreement shall take precedence.  In those areas where bargaining agreement language covers part, but not all, of a department policy, the areas of the policy not covered will control.




Changes and updates to policies contained in this manual will be by Executive Order from the Office of the Chief or by a manual revision. Employees shall be notified of changes to the Bellevue Police Policies.   Employees are responsible for reviewing all changes to policy made in an Executive Order.




The Bellevue Police Department Manual is for internal use only.  Policies in this manual are not intended to enlarge an employee’s civil or criminal liability in any way.  The policies contained within should not be construed as the creation of a higher standard of safety or care in an evidentiary sense, with respect to third party claims.  Violation of these policies, if proven, should only form the basis of a complaint against the department and then only in a non-judicial, administrative setting.




Employees are responsible to be familiar with all information in this manual including the terms in the Glossary.




If any area of this manual needs correction or an employee has any suggestions or comments regarding changes or updates, please notify the Office of Professional Standards.




The Policy Manual has been divided into colored sections.  The colored pages are meant to facilitate employee awareness and training.  The colored sections contain the following policy categories:


·         Red Section:

                            Policies that concern employee and officer safety and high department risk


·         Yellow Section:

       Policies that address the agency’s values, standards of employee conduct, and a lower department risk


·         White Section:

                            Policies that address law enforcement business practices


This manual is written for all employees.  Each employee is responsible to know and follow the policies and procedures in this manual.  Employees should refer to the Written Directive System policies in this manual for further user information.