3.00.030     STOP STICK DEPLOYMENT       (CALEA 41.2.2)


The Stop stick shall be utilized only after supervisory approval.  Officers deploying the stop stick must have received training in the use of the stop stick before utilization.


Officer Communication Requirements


Before utilization of the stop stick, all officers involved in the pursuit should be on the same communications frequency.  The operator of the stop stick should have a portable radio for ready use.


Pursuing officers shall keep officers at the site of the stop stick informed of the following:


v      Current location


v      Direction of travel and speed


v      Erratic driving behaviors


v      Possible weapons involved


v      Any other pertinent data to the chase




When deploying a Stop stick, the following precautions should be considered:


v      The operator deploying the stop stick should do so from a position of safety


v      The stop stick should not be used in locations where specific geographic configurations increase the risk of serious injuries to the operator, violator, or the public (alongside of waterways, embankments, etc.)


v      Traffic cones or road flares should be set up, if possible


v      The stop stick should not be deployed on two-way roadways, unless oncoming traffic has been stopped some distance from the actual deployment site


As the fleeing vehicle approaches, the officer should pull the stop stick onto the roadway surface, let go of the device, and stand clear.


When nearing the stop stick, pursuing officers and the officer deploying the device must maintain communication.  The pursuing officers must back off to allow the device to be cleared from the roadway.


Note:  The stop stick should not be used to stop fleeing motorcycles.  The stop stick may be used on motorcycles only if the circumstances warrant the use of Deadly Force.


Every effort should be made to avoid uninvolved motorists running over the stop stick.  If an uninvolved motorist does run over the strip, the driver should be contacted by the supervisor, as soon as possible, to explain the situation.


Investigations of Stop stick Use


If the deployment of the stop stick causes a reportable collision, other than damage to tires and wheels, the proper collision investigation shall be conducted.

If the deployment is not part of a vehicle pursuit, a memo detailing the circumstances of the deployment will be prepared and reviewed by the chain of command.