The Department uses LERMS as its automated Records Management System.  Login to LERMS requires a connection to the InfoCenter database on an SQL-Server.  The user is authenticated by the SQL-Server through integrated security features.


Users of Windows NT/2000/XP accounts have an account password that is associated with the SQL-Server account authorized to access the LERMS database.


The LERMS application checks to ensure that the account is active once the user is successfully connected to the database.


If the account is not active or access is not authorized, the application notifies the user and closes.  Otherwise, functional permissions are checked and the user is presented with the LERMS main screen with particular modules visible based on the individual user’s security settings.


The System Administrator is able to establish user-specific or group-specific security levels that limit access only to areas required by the user to complete an assigned task.


LERMS is capable of establishing an audit trail of user access to data tables and activity within the system.  Auditing features record any record insert, update, or delete, and the user account performing the modifications.


Central Records Computer Data – Backup & Storage                 (CALEA 82.1.6)


CAD and LERMS data will be backed-up on a regular schedule established by the City’s Information Technology Department.  Incremental backups occur daily with more extensive backups occurring on a weekly and monthly basis.  Back up tapes are maintained by the Information Technology Department and also forwarded to a company that maintains the City’s “off-site” backup media storage.  On-site and off-site storage is maintained in a secure manner with limited access by authorized personnel.