26.00.050     CASE NUMBERING SYSTEM              (CALEA 82.2.3)


Each call for service is assigned a number in chronological sequence in the order it is input into the CAD and/or LERMS computer system by NORCOM.  If a case number is requested for a report, a unique case number is manually generated and added to the record.  Numbers are assigned by NORCOM and/or Records personnel when the incident is reported, and/or when an officer requests a case number.


The call for service and case numbering system will contain the current year, the unique case number and name of the requesting department.


When a report is taken, a computer generated, a unique case number will be assigned.


Reports will be submitted to the employee’s supervisor prior to completion of an employee's assigned shift.  If the employee is unable to complete the report by the end of shift, the employee will notify their supervisor.  The employee may temporarily leave the case face sheet and other available information with the supervisor or make arrangements with the supervisor for the information to be kept elsewhere, but easily accessible should a question arise.  After the supervisor has reviewed the completed case report, it will be copied as necessary for crime analysis, intelligence, or briefing purposes and the original turned in to the Records Unit for processing.


Lost Items


When lost items do not require written documentation, the information concerning the item can be entered into a CAD call by NORCOM or Records personnel, depending on who receives the call.


Examples include but are not limited to:


v     Reports for insurance purposes only with no identifying numbers or names


v     Cellular phone losses, regardless of the identifying information


v     Lost passports (referred to Federal Government)


v     Lost credit cards


v     Lost property without identifying brand, model number, or serial number identification that precludes computer entry


v     Lost animals


To document the previous examples, a CAD call will be generated by the Communications Center or Records, and information describing the loss entered into the CAD comments.  The caller will be given the sequence number or case number if appropriate and the call closed with the appropriate clearing code.