26.00.020     INCIDENT REPORTING       (CALEA 82.2.2)


Reporting of an incident is required in any one or more of the following categories:


v     Citizens’ reports of crimes


v     Citizens’ complaints


v     Citizens’ requests for service when an officer is assigned to take some type of action


v     Criminal or non-criminal cases initiated by law enforcement officers


v     Incidents involving arrests, criminal citations, and summons


Depending on the circumstances, reporting may be accomplished through CAD documentation and the appropriate clearing code for a call where a case report is not required.


Officers dispatched to or coming upon an “on-view” criminal act and/or infraction should apply current training and knowledge of properly documenting crimes, arrests, citations, infractions, summons, and potential civil offenses.  The information required and procedures for completing Department reporting forms is covered by the Field Training Officer's Manual, and explained to all new officers by the Field Training Officer and the officer's supervisor.


 Written Reports


A written report is required for all arrests.  While the format to be completed will vary depending on the type of arrest, all arrest reports shall contain sufficient information and supporting information to identify the subject being processed.


Arrest reports will be completed and submitted to the officer's supervisor prior to leaving work at the end of a duty shift.  Each officer is to submit arrest reports in a timely manner during the shift to eliminate any potential backlog at the end of the shift.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the shift supervisor.


Arrest reports will be reviewed by the shift supervisor to ensure that the report and all supplementary arrest documents (e.g., fingerprint cards) are properly completed.


Report Approval                


All reports must be reviewed, and approved by a  supervisor.  Reports may be approved by any supervisor with report approval authority who is not the author of the report.  At no time will the author self-approve his/her own report. 


If the reviewer does not believe the report meets department or legal standards, he or she may not be compelled or ordered to approve the report.  In the event where a case report review is in dispute, the issue will be brought to the attention of the next higher ranking supervisor.