A management information system provides a continuous and accurate flow of information to be used in management decision-making and problem solving.  This system will assist Department administrators with evaluation of workloads, determining staffing levels and other resource needs, and preparing budget components.  Operations and Administrative Services Deputy Chiefs will be responsible for their Division’s Reports.


It is essential that incidents reported to the Department or its employees be properly documented.  Employees must complete reports in a timely manner.  Each supervisor is responsible for ensuring that their assigned personnel have properly completed all case reports, follow up, citations, and other paperwork.


Report case numbers for police incidents are issued at the request of the reporting officer or other police personnel.  CAD generates a master incident number assigned to each call permitting storage and recall of initial dispatched/reporting information.


Personnel generating a case report or follow-up, statements, or other documentation associated with a case must submit the original report and supporting documents to the Records unit via their supervisor.


Original documentation will be maintained by the Records Unit in the appropriate case file which corresponds with the case number.  Records personnel will ensure during the case processing phase that the correct case number is on the written document submitted. 


Improperly coded reports will be returned to the employee’s supervisor for correction.  Cases that can remain electronically stored in the computer system may not have printouts generated, but can be retrieved at any time from the computer system.


The Department has a variety of administrative reports, which include reports and monthly, quarterly, or annual summaries.  These reports are designed to provide Department information on operational issues, plans, and activities.  A listing of each report, its purpose and frequency, responsibility for the formulation of the report, and the report’s distribution requirements can be found in Appendix B of this manual.


Administrative Reporting Program      (CALEA 11.4.1)


The Department uses a computerized Law Enforcement Records Management System (LERMS) to store and retrieve data.  LERMS provides statistical and data summaries of Departmental activities and an administrative reporting system.  This is accomplished through the completion and distribution of the following reports:


Exceptional Incidents

Written reports of exceptional incidents or unusual occurrences are provided when they occur.  Daily verbal briefings and incident review  reports on significant and/or exceptional incidents will be made through the chain of command.


Field/shift supervisors will ensure that reports on exceptional incidents are completed on all incidents that are noteworthy or require dissemination to other shifts.  


Section commanders/managers will ensure that reports on exceptional incidents, as well as any other pertinent information, is passed on to their Division Commander.


Patrol Officers' daily activity-logs are to be completed by all non-supervisory line personnel.  This log will give an itemized recap of daily activities, as well as a statistical recap of each employee's daily activity.  Other Units may not require daily log sheets but track employee performance through in-person meetings with supervisors and case closures.


When feasible, section commanders/managers will meet with their respective Division Commander on a regular basis to provide information on exceptional incidents, pass along information to be forwarded up the chain of command, and keep their Division Commander advised of the activities of their section.  When meeting in person is not practical, other forms of communication (telephone, email, and pager) are acceptable.


The command staff will generally meet on a regular basis (or at the discretion of the Chief of Police) to brief the Chief on information regarding the operation of their commands.


v       Quarterly report


Quarterly reports are prepared by the Section Commanders and civilian managers and presented to the Chief of Police in printed, electronic, and occasionally verbal format.  Consisting of a report on performance measures, attainment of goals and objectives, activity trends and reports on section activities, quarterly reports provide Division Deputy Chiefs and the Chief of Police with data required to support decisions for reallocation and distribution of staffing and resources when necessary.  The reports will highlight achievements or problems, report on goals and objectives, and reflect accreditation activities.  Each quarterly report is distributed to the Chief of Police and management staff when the Chief of Police requests Quarterly Reports.


v       Annual report


Annual reports are submitted by each Section and, once consolidated by the PIO in printed or electronic form, are distributed to each Section of the Department, to the Chief of Police, other City Departments as requested.  Consisting of a recap of yearly activities, major accomplishments for each organizational component, crime statistics, and a fiscal recap, these reports may draw upon data from quarterly reports and other Section resources.  The report should provide comparative data and statistics that, together, account for the activities of the Department and from which the PIO can build a consolidated Department annual report.


The Department annual report will include comparative statistics, document significant events of the previous year and provide information on attainment of goals and objectives.  This report will be distributed to all Section Commanders and is available to all employees.  Outside agencies and the public may request a copy of this report as necessary or access the information via the Department’s Internet page.


v      ICMA/Benchmark Cities Report


This annual report compares Part One Crimes to other participating Cities.  Copies go to several departments within the City and are published in a national report.


v      UCR/FBI Reports


UCR reports are monthly reports tracking Part One crimes, clearances, and arrests by age/gender/charge, and property loss by category.  Copies of this report are sent to WASPC and the FBI.  The information is available to anyone who requests it and is published in a statewide report.