25.00.150     DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND EVIDENCE                 (CALEA 84.1.1)


The Disposition of Property/Evidence is a continuing process by the Property/Evidence Unit.  This process ensures that items no longer required for prosecution or follow-up are released to the legal owner, retained for Department use, auctioned or destroyed.


Unless otherwise governed by provisions of law, the officer/detective assigned to the case has final authority regarding the disposition of property or evidence held by the Department.


All Property/Evidence held in the Property/Evidence Unit will be challenged, at a minimum of:


v     Felony crimes will be reviewed every 12 months


v     Misdemeanors will be reviewed every 6 months


v     Found Property and Property for Safekeeping will be reviewed every 60 days


v     Property booked for disposal/destruction is reviewed immediately


v     Other Property/Evidence not covered above will be processed according to Department policy or legal authority


v     The Property Evidence Manual details the preferred procedures for release, conversion, auction and destruction of Property/Evidence


Disposition of Contraband and Weapons


Property that is contraband will be destroyed.


Firearms and other weapons will be disposed of as follows:


v     Unclaimed or forfeited firearms, not retained by the Department for use in accordance with relevant statutes, will be disposed of in accordance with RCW Chapter 9.41 and/or Chapter 63.32 RCW and Bellevue City Code.


v     Other weapons not retained for use by the Department will be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 63.32 RCW and Bellevue City Code.