25.00.110     EVIDENCE RECORDKEEPING                    (CALEA 84.1.1, .1.4, & .1.5)


All property taken or received into custody is to be recorded and placed in the Department property and evidence facilities.


Custody of property is to be recorded on a Crime Report or in a follow-up to an existing Crime Report.


Property taken into custody must be recorded on a Property Evidence form approved for such use.  Unauthorized forms will not be accepted by the Property/Evidence Unit.


Each time property leaves the custody of the Property/Evidence Unit, a record of the change of custody will be made using the Evidence Chain of Custody form.


Property will not be disposed of, in any manner, without a release signed by an authorized person.  Department employees are to respond promptly to requests for dispositions on property and evidence.


Only those persons specifically authorized by the Administrative Services Commander will be allowed inside the storage area of the Property/Evidence Unit and always in the company of Property/Evidence Unit personnel.  No exceptions are authorized.