25.00.080    CHAIN OF CUSTODY      (CALEA 83.2.1)


Transfer or Removal


Whenever physical evidence is removed from the Property/Evidence Room, or custody is transferred from one person to another, the receiving officer or other employee will complete an evidence Chain of Custody form.  The form will include the following information:


v     Property/Evidence number


v     Date and time the evidence was removed or transferred


v     Receiving person’s name and functional responsibility


v     Reason for transfer


v     Case number


If an item of physical evidence is to be removed from the Property/Evidence Room for transport to the Washington State Crime Laboratory, or Washington State Toxicology Laboratory a request for laboratory examination form must accompany it.  The form will include the following information:


v     The name and location of the laboratory


v     A synopsis of the event and examination desired


v     Suspect name (if known)


v     Victim name


v     Requesting officer identification


v     Case number


v     All copies of the Examination form will accompany the Property/Evidence


Whenever items(s) of evidence are released to the Court, the owner or other authorized person, or if the evidence is to be destroyed, the final disposition report section of the evidence Chain of Custody form must be completed.  This form must include the following information:


v     Name and personnel number of the person authorizing the release


v     Reason for release


v     To whom the property is to be released (when applicable)


v     The name of the officer or Property/Evidence Unit employee releasing/authorizing release of the property



Evidence Submitted for Laboratory Examination                       (CALEA 83.3.2)


To maintain a record of physical evidence submitted to a laboratory for examination, the following information is required on a lab request form:


v     Name of the officer or Property/Evidence Unit personnel last having custody of the item


v     When packaging items, procedures outlined in the Department’s Property/Evidence Manual will be followed


v     Date and time of submission or mailing, and method of transmission


v     Date and time of receipt in the laboratory


v     Name and signature of the person in the laboratory receiving the evidence