25.00.070     INVENTORY OF EVIDENCE       (CALEA 84.1.5)


All evidence collected from a crime scene will be listed on a property/evidence form or supplementary inventory sheet.


The Property/Evidence form will be submitted with the evidence and will include the following information:


v     Description of the item, to include the make, model and serial number, if any.  Caliber should be provided if the evidence is a firearm


v     Name of the person collecting the evidence


v     Source (from whom or location).  This information may be contained in a narrative if the property/evidence form does not provide space


v     Case number


v     Property evidence number as described above and in II.A.6 of the Property and Evidence Manual


If a specialist is called to the scene (i.e., police photographer, evidence technician, traffic accident reconstruction, etc.), the date and time of request and the requesting officer’s name will be added to the investigation synopsis.


All information obtained and/or prepared by the attending specialist will be included with the incident report.


Property Obtained Through Warrant/Asset Forfeiture                     (CALEA 84.1.8,)


Property is obtained by this Department through legal process, and seizure and forfeiture of assets as a result of special investigations.


Execution of civil or criminal process requiring the seizure of real or personal property will be performed only by a sworn officer.  If the process is executed as part of a plain clothes operation/investigation, an officer in uniform will be present during the execution.