25.00.050      CRIME SCENE PHOTOGRAPHY              (CALEA 83.2.2)


The Department’s contracted professional photographer will be called to assist with crime scene photography whenever a supervisor deems the use appropriate.  This will most likely occur when processing major felony crime scenes or fatal traffic accident scenes.


Personnel photographing a crime scene will maintain a record of photographic data that will include the following:


v     Case number


v     The date and time the photographs were taken


v     The location where the photographs were taken (address, location within or around a building, etc.)


v     Name and identification number of the photographer


The above information should be logged on the evidence envelope and in a supplemental report.


Due to the time gap between when photographs are taken and when a case actually goes to court, officers should, whenever possible, use a "photo log."


Video taping of a crime scene may be used as a supplement to still photographs.  The information above should be noted on the evidence envelope and/or on the video cassette.


Crime scene photographs and/or crime scene video will be treated as evidence and booked accordingly to ensure a proper chain of custody.