25.00.010     EVIDENCE SYSTEM         (CALEA 84.1.1)


All employees must follow the guidelines set forth in this chapter to care for, control, and correctly process all evidence or property which may come into their possession in the course of their official duties.  Additional guidelines for the handling of property and evidence can be found in the Department’s Property/Evidence Manual.


To ensure that all property seized as evidence by employees of this Department is secure, access to Property and Evidence Management Facility shall be strictly controlled.


Only authorized personnel may have direct access to areas used by the agency for storage of in-custody or evidentiary property.  Other employees entering this restricted facility must sign in and out and will be escorted by an authorized Evidence Management Facility employee.


Except as provided by laws governing the disposal of property, employees will not purchase, convert to their own use, or have any claim to any found, abandoned, or recovered property or property held as evidence.