24.00.120     MULTIPLE ARRESTS      (CALEA 46.1.3 & 72.5.7)


When a multiple arrest or group arrest incident occurs, officers will follow the multiple arrest guidelines set forth in the Department’s Unusual Occurrences Manual. The on-duty or on-call Watch Commander will be appraised of the situation.  The Commander will:


v     Determine if a need exists for additional staffing and resources


v     Inform the Chain of Command; and


v     If necessary, establish a field command post and field booking facility, or alternative procedures such as transporting arrestees directly from the field booking area to an approved contract jail.


If it is decided to utilize the holding facility, the following guidelines should be followed:


Transport Control


Personnel at the holding facility and the Command Post shall communicate to ensure safe processing, and release or transport.


The booking process should be as expedient as possible, and arrestees should be held long enough to safely complete these processes.


Prisoner Processing


Personnel shall be assigned to the following duties by a supervisor:


v     Removal from the transport vehicle of a maximum of five prisoners at a time


v     Only one arrestee per Officer/PSO will be processed at a time


v     Processing of juveniles separately from adults


v     Search of all arrestees prior to the removal of their handcuffs


v     If any property is removed from an arrestee it will be placed in a bag that is marked in such a way as to make it identifiable as belonging to that arrestee


v     After a thorough search, arrestees will be placed into a holding cell


v     The next group of five will be brought into the facility and the process will be repeated


v     Fingerprinting and photographing of the arrestees


v     Ensure all appropriate paperwork necessary for booking at the approved contract jail has been completed



Prisoner Transportation


A determination must be made whether to book an arrestee into King County Jail, Snohomish County Jail or the Issaquah Jail.  Issaquah Jail is limited in capacity and staffing, they must be contacted prior to transporting multiple arrestees to determine how many will be accepted.


Arrestees meeting the following criteria must be booked into the King County Jail or Snohomish County:


v     Combative or uncooperative


v     Identity is in question


v     If the supervisor feels they provide an unacceptable risk to the public.


If multiple arrests are to be transported to the King County Jail or Snohomish County Jail, notify the jail in advance.


Transport Vehicles


There are two eleven passenger prisoner transport vans available.  Each van contains 8 sets of leg irons and waist chains.  Spare keys for both vans are in the PSO office.