24.00.110     Interview Rooms                      (CALEA 72.9.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, & .6)


The Police Department has designated interview/interrogation rooms located within the holding facility, adjacent to the Investigations Section, and adjacent to the Records offices.  These rooms have different levels of security, surveillance, and privacy.


The interview rooms inside the holding facility are built to the same standards as the rest of the holding facility; however they have material on the walls to help absorb sound.  They are as secure as the rest of the holding facility.  However, they ARE NOT to be used for temporary detention because of the sound proofing and lack of observation. 


Whenever practical, officers shall use a room within the holding facility to conduct interviews/interrogations of suspects.   When using these rooms, officers will follow all of the procedures of the holding facility.  Prisoners will be secured to the cuffing rail (with the exception of status and non-offenders).  Prisoners will not be secured to any other objects in the interview room. 


Prior to placing the prisoner in the interview room it shall be searched for contraband, weapons, or any other item that the prisoner might be able to use to harm themselves or anyone else.  An interview room shall not be used as a temporary holding area for persons who are suicidal.


Whenever practical, officers shall use a room outside the holding facility to conduct interviews of victims and witnesses.  Interviews/interrogations of non-custodial suspects should be conducted in the interview rooms near Investigations whenever possible.   These rooms have emergency call buttons on the wall adjacent to the inside of the entry door.


When using the Interview/Interrogation Rooms outside the holding facility, officers shall ensure that weapons remain under the direct control of the officer and shall take precautions in protecting his/her weapon from the person being interviewed.


All subjects are subject to a limited search for weapons upon entering any secure area of the department.  Subjects shall not be left unattended in an interview room. 


The number of personnel in the interview room is in the investigating officer’s discretion.  However, there should be no more persons than are necessary to conduct a legal and appropriate interview/interrogation.  If there is only one officer in the room, it is strongly recommended that another officer observe the interview from another room. 


Some of the rooms are equipped with video/audio recording equipment.  Other than that, the only items in the room are the table and chairs.  The interviewer is responsible for obtaining and removing any other items used during the interview. 


Requests for access to restrooms, water or comfort breaks shall be granted in the discretion of the interviewer.  Adequate security should be obtained to enable the person to have such requests granted. 


Training regarding the use of the holding facility and interview rooms will be done as part of new hire advanced training and through the FTO program.