24.00.090     PRISONER PERSONAL PROPERTY                    (CALEA 72.5.1& .3)


Property rights of prisoners shall be protected by a thorough inventory of money and personal property prior to entering the holding facility.  Money taken from a prisoner for safekeeping should be counted and recorded in their presence.  Personal property taken from a prisoner will be recorded on a property form signed by the booking officer and when possible the prisoner.  The only items that may be retained by a prisoner while held in the holding facility are:


v     Eyeglasses and/or hearing aids.  Only if absolutely necessary to see or hear


v     Clothing, excluding belts, shoelaces, and any item that can be used to harm persons or property


When most of the prisoner's clothing must be removed for evidentiary or safety reasons, the prisoner will be issued a facility jump suit


All personal property taken from a prisoner will be carefully inventoried and placed in a secure storage locker in the Holding facility including a copy of the completed and signed property form.


All prisoners will be given signed property receipts for money and other property taken from them.


Delivery of Mail and Packages Prohibited      (CALEA 72.8.4)


Persons attempting to deliver mail or a package to a prisoner in our custody will be advised that delivery of such items to prisoners in our holding facility is prohibited. They should be directed to hold the item until the prisoner is released or until the prisoner is transferred to an appropriate contract jail facility. 


Release of Property       


When personal property is returned to a prisoner upon release, or turned over to a person receiving custody of the prisoner, the property form must be signed by the person receiving the property. (i.e., officer, PSO, officer from another jurisdiction, or the prisoner)  This form will be filed with the ADR.


Property being released will be inventoried in the presence of the prisoner and compared to the inventory list.  All money will be counted in the prisoner’s presence prior to his/her release from Department custody.


Any property retained for evidentiary or other investigative purposes will be noted on the receipt and accounted for in the case report.