Prisoners will be treated in a fair and humane manner at all times.  They will not be subjected to verbal abuse or to physical force other than may be required in subduing violence or assuring detention.  No officer will strike a prisoner or suspect except as may be necessary in the prevention of an escape, or in self defense, or in the prevention of violence to another person.  Officers will not expose prisoners to unnecessary hazards.


Caution in Handling Prisoners and Suspects


Officers will be cautious in the arrest and detention of prisoners or suspects and will take all necessary precautions to prevent an escape or the carrying of weapons on such person/s after their arrest.


Officers will not place items or objects adaptable for use as weapons or permit such items or objects to remain unattended in any location where they would be readily accessible to prisoners, suspects, or suspicious persons.


Prisoner Searches      (CALEA 70.1.1)


Officer safety and public safety are of paramount importance when transporting an in-custody prisoner.  Whenever an officer makes an arrest or receives someone who is in custody, it is the arresting/receiving officer’s responsibility to search the subject for weapons or contraband prior to transportation.


A thorough pat down search will be conducted on prisoners each time they are out of the custodial officer's immediate control or there is a change in custodial officer.  The search shall include determination of the contents of all pockets and clothing articles, as well as purses and baggage.


Whenever possible, when searching a prisoner of the opposite sex, officers shall obtain the assistance of an officer of the same sex as the prisoner.  If an officer of the same sex is not available, officers shall, whenever possible, have another officer witness the search.


Searching a prisoner of the opposite sex does not relieve officers of the responsibility of ensuring that prisoners are unarmed, and not in possession of contraband prior to transportation.


All prisoners shall be searched upon entering the holding facility.  The search shall be thorough and include inspection of the contents of pockets, shoes, socks, hats, baggage, and other items of clothing or luggage where weapons or contraband might be hidden.  Officers shall use the metal detectors present in the booking room to facilitate a thorough search of the prisoner.


Specific requirements for strip and body cavity searches can be found in the chapter on Searches.  Strip searches shall be in accordance with current policy and procedures.