23.00.180                  REVERSE 911


Reverse 911© Community Telephone Notification is a device that provides a means to be in contact with the community by sending pre-recorded messages to residents and/or businesses within a certain geographical area or by pre-defined lists, if their information is contained in the database.




Authorization for use of the system must be given by the Fire Chief, Fire Battalion Chief, Chief of Police or Police Captain (or Police Lieutenant if no Police Captain is available) in charge of daily field operations or any of their designees in charge of daily operations for the purpose of advising citizens to take actions which would protect their safety or to enlist their assistance with a public safety mission, such as locating a missing child. The system use should be limited to events or situations that directly affect the lives and safety of citizens within the area called.


Message Construction


Instructions for constructing outbound messages are found in the Reverse 911© procedure manual in the NORCOM Center.