23.00.140     DISPATCH AND CALL-OUT PROCEDURES             


Death Messages


NORCOM will dispatch death notifications messages to officers by telephone or MDC.  These messages are not to be broadcast over the radio talk group.  Refer to Death/Serious Injury Notification Policy for further details.)


Bomb Threat Incidents


All bomb threat incidents should be dispatched via MDC or telephone whenever possible. These calls should not be broadcast over the air regardless of the location of the incident. In order to ensure that field units have copied the dispatch of an MDC bomb threat, the dispatcher should advise the officer of a “Priority Call on your MDC.”


              Example: “1B4 Priority Call on your MDC.”

                            “2B3 Call Radio for a Priority Incident.”


For bomb threats at schools, the SRO should be dispatched with an advisory to the on-duty Lieutenant. If the SRO is not available, a district unit should be dispatched.


A notification should be made to the Bomb Squad Commander on any bomb threat dispatched.


Emergency Messages


Only the following types of emergency message calls will be dispatched and delivered:


v      Messages involving the potential safety of life or property


v      Welfare of a resident is in question or may be at risk


v      The urgency of the message warrants Bellevue resources to deliver the message


Missing Persons


When the Department is notified of a missing person, regardless of age, the call will be dispatched and an officer response made.


Request for PD Assistance Outside City Limits


A request for police response outside the City of Bellevue requires on-duty Patrol supervisory approval.


In emergency situations (e.g. officer needs help) where a request for back up is received from a neighboring community (Clyde Hill, Medina, Kirkland, Redmond, etc.) the NORCOM Center will send back up immediately.  The NORCOM Center will confirm the patrol supervisor’s knowledge of the response.


Requests from other agencies for non-emergency response will require supervisory approval if outside our jurisdiction (e.g. a request from Bellevue Fire for police assistance in Newcastle).


Requests for PD Assistance by Outside Agency


Requests for arrest warrant service or probable cause arrest assists by an outside agency should be handled by the NORCOM Center with a telephone call to the Patrol Supervisor prior to dispatch.  Misdemeanor arrest warrants will not be served between the hours of 2200 and 0600 unless there are unusual circumstances.


K-9 Request


In response to a request for a Bellevue K-9 unit, the NORCOM Center will announce to the K-9 and on-duty Patrol supervisor, the location and nature of the request.  If no K-9 is on-duty, contact must first be made with the on-duty supervisor.


This protocol includes and applies to requests from Clyde Hill PD and Medina PD.


Call Out Procedure for SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiators, Detectives, and Bomb Squad


The procedures to be employed for activation of these specialized teams will be defined by Section Commanders.  The Patrol Supervisor will notify the NORCOM Center when a call out has been made and who was contacted.




Officers are required to check in-service with the NORCOM Center at the beginning of their shift, both for on-duty and off-duty assignments.  Radio call sign, personnel # and car # will be given.




Officers are required to check out-of-service with the NORCOM Center at the end of their shift, both for on-duty and off-duty assignments.  If NORCOM has not heard from an officer by the end of their shift, NORCOM is responsible to check on the air to determine the officer’s status.  A Lieutenant will be notified at that time if the NORCOM Center does not receive a reply from the officer or from another officer who may know the status.  Lieutenants will be responsible for contacting officers, should officers not log their out-of-service status with the NORCOM Center.