Non-emergency calls will be dispatched in accordance with procedures for that priority of call.


Assigned officer(s) will proceed directly to the call and will not stop for traffic violations unless, in the opinion of the officer, the circumstances surrounding the violation necessitate a stop.  In any case, the officer must weigh the necessity for the stop against the necessity to respond promptly to the call.


Assigned officers who are delayed in responding will advise NORCOM of the reason.  Depending upon the circumstances, NORCOM may reassign the call.


Officers should refrain from volunteering for non-emergency or emergency calls in lieu of units assigned unless:


v     The officer volunteering is significantly closer and the response time may be a factor in Successfully handling the call; or


v     Other specific reasons exist for doing so (e.g., prior knowledge of the situation, Officers in the FTO program).


If additional units do volunteer for a call, NORCOM may re-designate which unit is the primary assigned unit on the call.


Officers will not normally be dispatched to report calls during the last 30 minutes of their shift.