23.00.040   ALPHA CODE USE


Confidential or Critical Information


The alpha codes are identified as follows:


v     Mary – Misdemeanor Warrant associated

v     Frank – Felony Warrant associated

v     Ocean - Officer safety issues to include armed and/or dangerous subjects; dangerous mental emotional subjects (*Note: not to include DOC or court order information)

v     Sam - Stolen vehicles or stolen license plate information.


Alpha Code is a term used to provide an “alert” to a field unit, prior to the transmission of confidential or critical information, such as “wanted” status or officer safety information.

Alpha Codes may also be used by a field unit to convey that they are in a sensitive or critical situation that requires additional units.


              NORCOM Unit” followed by an “alpha” code


When information is being broadcast by a field unit, the transmission will be:


              [Agency name] Unit – [unit identifier] – [alpha code]


The receiving unit should take appropriate precautions and then transmit:


              (Unit identifier), go ahead


Before the information is transmitted, an attempt should be made using this code, to advise the involved officer of the information/situation prior to the dispatch of a back-up officer.  However, sending additional officers should not be unduly delayed if such contact cannot be made quickly.


Other sensitive information such as Department of Corrections (DOC) information, Terrorist Screening Center information and protection orders or other court related information should be preceded by “Are you clear to copy.”


              Radio – [unit identifier] – are you clear to copy?