Officer Emergencies


Whenever Officers activate their radio emergency button the following actions will occur in the NORCOM Center:


v     Upon receiving an emergency alert activation from any radio (e.g. 1B4), the NORCOM Center will immediately contact the unit on the emergency talk group:


                            Radio acknowledges activation [radio ID number], what is your status?


v     If able to respond, the officer will advise location and status


                            1B4, [location is] N.E. 8th and 116th, code 4


v      If in a sensitive situation, but able to communicate, the officer will respond with:


                            [Agency name] Unit Officer ID], [location is] N.E. 8th and 116th


v     The NORCOM Center will immediately send back-up cover units to the location.


If there is no response, The NORCOM Center will dispatch a back-up unit and notify the on-duty police supervisor, advising of the situation and the officer’s last known location.  The police supervisor will coordinate a search for the officer until located.