23.00.010     NORCOM


The City of Bellevue participates in a regional 800 MHz Radio system. The Core Mission of the North East King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency (NORCOM) is to provide high quality emergency service communications to the public for emergency medical services, fire and police. Use of the 800 MHz system and the associated “talk groups” is strictly managed and all employees will comply with the procedures of system use.


Complete NORCOM policy and procedures are available on the J Drive at: J:\NORCOM SOPs\Ch 6 – Police.


Brief, business-related communication, using plain language, is expected from all Department members utilizing the radio system.  Employees will use airtime only as needed to carry out business functions, to ensure its availability for emergency or other business related radio traffic.


Radio Discipline


All employees of the Department operating the radio will strictly observe procedures for such operations as set forth in Department regulations, policy, procedures and by the Federal Communications Commission.


Record Disclosure


Disclosure of Radio Communications Procedures is governed by state law.  Any request for Radio Communications Procedure records shall be handled by NORCOM.