A supervisor should request that NORCOM summon the assistance of the Street Department or Public Works Department in the event of any of the following:


v     Snow or ice on the roadway creating a hazardous condition


v     Roadway flooding that creates a hazardous condition


v     Roadway damage that is serious enough to cause imminent danger to motorists or pedestrians if not immediately repaired


v     Damage to, or missing regulatory street signs, such as stop or yield signs maintained by the city


v     Malfunction of traffic control devices which are maintained by the city, and which cannot otherwise be rendered operational


v     Roadway spills of a non-hazardous nature which cannot otherwise be cleared


v     Any other hazardous or potentially hazardous roadway conditions which would require the closure of city streets and necessitate the placing of street barricades


Non-emergency notification of public utilities can be directed to NORCOM.


Non-emergency notification of Bellevue Streets/Signals/Public Works Department in person or via NORCOM


Officers will notify NORCOM of any after hours (2300 to 0700) weather condition changes which might affect their ability to respond to emergency situations.


When information concerning the failure or damage of public utilities is known, efforts will be made by NORCOM to contact the affected utility service and make them aware of the problem.  Officers will attempt to control or render safe any situation involving a public utility, which poses a hazard to members of the community.


The supervisor may request the assistance of the Fire Department in completing a wash down of any flammable material or to stand by on any situation.