22.00.130     SELECTIVE TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT                    (CALEA 61.1.1)


Selective traffic enforcement is the assignment of personnel to traffic enforcement activities at times and locations where collision history is high and hazardous or congested conditions exist.  The Department will employ selective enforcement techniques with the objective of decreasing the number of collisions by increasing traffic officer visibility and increasing enforcement activities in these problem areas.


The identification of selective traffic enforcement areas is an activity of the Traffic Unit. Selective traffic enforcement functions include the following:


v     Analysis of collision data


v     Analysis of traffic enforcement activities


v     Comparison of collision data and enforcement activities data


v     Development of selective enforcement strategies including deployment of personnel and equipment


v     Annual evaluation of selective enforcement activities and program success


v     Review and revision of selective enforcement objectives as the need arises


A Traffic Unit Supervisor will be responsible for the Selective Enforcement Program.  The supervisor will seek assistance from the City's traffic engineers in statistical analysis of collision and enforcement data and program evaluations.


The Program Supervisor will manage the Selective Enforcement Program in conjunction with the Traffic Unit Neighborhood Complaint Enforcement Program and other enforcement activities.


Selective enforcement area data will be provided to Patrol officers who will pay particular attention to those areas when not otherwise assigned or occupied.


The Program Supervisor will annually conduct an evaluation of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.  The evaluation will ascertain the effectiveness of selective enforcement efforts.